Be Smarter with Your Video and Content

Powerful tools to make it easy to manage and measure everything.


Streamlined Learning and Performance Measurement

Easy to use workflows help you feature video expert-authored learning experiences and let you organize all your video in branded, self-service content portals. Your analytics dashboard makes it super simple to track and measure both content and individual performance.


Employee Onboarding

Shake it up and add personal video interviews to introduce new employees. Add images, slides and clips that help viewers get to know new hires.

Make Better Decisions

Adjust and improve training and eLearning programs with better data. Know what content hits the mark by viewing quiz results and engagement scores.

Targeted Branded Portals
Manage Training Requirements

Compliance is challenging. Manage it easily with viewer-level analytics. Quickly assess viewing time, and whether employees are engaged with critical information.


Smarter Customer and Sales Conversations Start with Video.

Connect with confidence using personalized video presentations and communications.  Master new sales pitches with video practice and feedback loops, and deliver curated content in audience-driven webpages with in-depth analytics and performance metrics.


Create Great Content Together

Use advanced collaboration tools like Invite, to create authentic, video expert-authored content that goes beyond ordinary.

Advanced Analytics
Measure Performance

Be a smarter content creator using in-depth video and viewer analytics. Get actionable insights across every account down to the last detail.

Record & Sync Video

Wherever you are, record video or audio right from your webcam or mobile device to deliver a personal take on sales follow-up, blogs and common presentations.


Make It Personal

Give your next employee communications and benefits training event a powerful twist with video and customized interactive players.  Connect your executives with your employees by capturing quarterly company meetings on video and sharing them on-demand. Get more from all your live events and conferences by syncing conference video with slides and adding interactive players.

Investor Communications

Engage analysts and experts with different expertise, in various locations to deliver personalized and targeted content and showcase company DNA.

Simplify Your Job

Save time and eliminate the hassles of scheduling meetings for content development. Use advanced collaboration tools to create video and expert authored content fast!

Develop Trust and Credibility

When a crisis hits, add executive voices to both internal and external communications. Reassure your customers, employees, and investors with executive-authored video.

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