Get more from your content and video marketing with strategic and engagement-oriented tools.

Simplify Your Communications

Manage information overload with snackable content. Rapidly create and share short video summaries of essential training programs ahead of time to increase engagement and knowledge retention. Side-by-side video and presentations make training more personal and watchable, and eliminates death by PowerPoint.

Simplify your video marketing strategy for marketing & sales with Knovio's easy-to-use platform
Develop your sales skills faster with Knovio's smart video marketing tools

Develop Sales Skills Faster

Reduce the time it takes to train and practice new skills with advanced collaboration tools like Invite. Introduce ideas and concepts, and then practice skills and review performance with video presentations. Add chapters and quizzes to on-demand programs and present certifications upon completion.

Train More Effectively

Help speed up and effectively train new partners and clients with micro-learning webpages, interactive content and embedded assessment tools. Curate content that creates curiosity, and let your viewers decide when and what to watch.

laptop with analytics

Make Better Decisions with Better Data

Track key performance metrics with a simple analytics interface. Detailed reporting options lets you know exactly how well your employees understand ideas and how often employees interact with content. Pro-actively improve, adjust, and streamline content based on knowledge retention, engagement heat maps, and views.

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