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Applications are limitless:
Add video or audio to slides. Explain a concept. Pitch an idea. Sell a product. Enhance a resumé. Complete an assignment. Teach a course.  Market a service. Practice a speech. Document your travels. Illustrate a process. Champion a cause. Tell a story.

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Unlimited presentations. Customizable player designs. Advanced features and workflows.

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Add your Personality

Bring your presentations alive with your personal video or audio commentary. Use your webcam or microphone to narrate your slides and tell your story like never before.

Learn in Minutes

Knovio uses familiar tools and gestures to make it easy to learn its powerful features.  Use our tutorials to get up and running quickly, and publish your first Knovio in just a few minutes!

Get it Right

Knovio makes it easy to correct those mistakes and flubs, with its unique “re-record” capability. Go back and revise your presentation till it’s just right.  Then share it privately…or with the whole world.

From your Desktop or On the Go

Create your Knovio from any desktop with Knovio Web, or from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with Knovio Mobile. Your finished Knovio can be viewed from any browser or mobile device.

Do Even More with Knovio Pro

Our subscription option, Knovio Pro, offers unlimited number and length of presentations, plus dozens of pro features like designer player templates, chapters and footnotes, and advanced editing.

Export Your Video

Want to post your Knovio to YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, or other video sites? No problem: Knovio lets you export finished video, and Knovio Pro offers full HD 1080p video export.




What Knovio users are saying

“A great tool I would find difficult to do without…”
“I strongly recommend it to anybody…”
“I am so impressed with the enhancements to Knovio…”
“Easy to learn, easy to use…”
“Presentations that come alive with my voice…”
“Limitless potential…”
“Quick and straightforward…”
“A resounding success in my professional life.”
“I love this tool. I always tell other educators about it. :-)”

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What the Reviewers are saying

“Knovio is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way…”
“Performance is so snappy, and the controls are so intuitive…”
“Packed with features that allow businesses to tell a story…”
“Gives life to static slides….”
“A great tool for flipped classrooms…”
“Immensely handy for educating customers…”
“An opportunity to show off your brand in a unique way…”
“Using this amazing app is quite simple…”
“Its editing tool is easy to use, regardless of your tech savvy…”
“One of the best Web 2.0 applications of the year.”

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Video: What’s Knovio All About?

Video Walkthrough: How to Create a Knovio