Measure Everything.

Own Your Data

360° view of engagement in one visual dashboard. Analyze all the insights you need and the metrics your business demands. And download them all – including graphs, charts and detail.


Measure Everything

It’s not enough to know only how content is performing at the account level. Dive deeper and see author-level, presentation-level and individual viewer level behavior.

Assess Content Effectiveness

Whether you’re interested in a group of assets, or just a single video or presentation, see how all content is performing. What’s the viewing time, and how engaged are they? Are viewers re-watching video, skipping parts of presentations, or clicking CTAs?


See Individual Activity

No need to wonder who’s been watching what presentation. Get a full view into individual viewing behavior including quiz performance, presentations watched, what slides were viewed and which were skipped.

No More Spreadsheets

A powerful visual dashboard provides custom views into high-level and individual viewing activity, including all your assessments like quizzes and surveys. See it in a single dashboard (and download it if you want to).


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