5 Undeniable Reasons Video Showcases are Essential for Your Organization

Imagine a video platform that allows you to organize, share, and measure all of your video, online presentations, and multimedia from one place.  A platform that eliminates the need to search multiple repositories and websites like Dropbox, YouTube, Google Analytics or Brainshark to find and analyze your content.

Now close your eyes (for just a minute).  What are you imagining?

Okay, open them now. I imagine you were dreaming of something like this.

Introducing Knovio Showcases.

So, what exactly can branded showcases do for you?

The fastest, and truly easiest way to curate, share, and analyze all your video and content.  With Knovio, you can accomplish everything you imagined.  From one platform. With branded video showcases.  Branded showcases help you organize your video for targeted audiences, share them publicly or privately, and even measure content performance and viewer engagement.

No matter what your organization does, branded showcases are essential if you want to make the most efficient use of your content.

1. Curate your content

We know you make plenty of incredible content, but how is it distributed across your channels? Do your various pieces of content have synergy with one another?

With Knovio showcases, you can curate and share videos, images, PDFs, and PowerPoints all from one platform.  Your viewers only need one link to see multiple pieces of content selected just for them.  So, say goodbye to visiting multiple sites like YouTube, Google Docs, and Dropbox to find specific video and content.  It’s now so easy to give your customers, partners, and employees the content they want and need.

Best part? With Knovio’s friendly interface you can create your new showcase in a matter of minutes, not hours! Just upload you content, select your content using tags, and organize it within your showcase using categories and menus.  And you’re just about ready to share it with your targeted audiences.

Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder of SEO PR, recently said this of the Knovio Online Video Platform:  “[Videos, interactive presentations, and flip decks] can be assembled in minutes, and can be updated and rearranged with a few mouse clicks. I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube since 2006, and it doesn’t offer anything like this – and neither does Facebook Video

2. Target your content

Once you’ve curated your content, now let’s organize it for specific audiences.

Organize your content with categories and menus; and select specific content for each category using tags.  Categories organize your content at the topic level (for example: video, marketing, webinars, etc), and tags help organize all your specific video and content.

Want to target all of your current customers with a support portal featuring how-to-guides, video walkthroughs, and screenshots? How about creating a private, internal showcase to streamline your employee on-boarding process? We use Knovio showcases at KnowledgeVision because it’s super simple to organize and share all our marketing materials with our teams.  The possibilities are endless.

3. Brand your showcase

Now that you’ve found a beautiful home for your content, it’s time to decorate it. Add your logo, banner images, colors, and titles to easily distinguish that the page belongs to you.  Then create a customized link to make it an easy destination to reach for your viewers.

Customized showcases can go a long way towards not just making the page look better, but also improve the user experience. Your visitors will trust your content knowing it’s officially branded by you, and you can make it easy to find important content using categories and menus..

4. Share your showcase

Sharing your showcase is easy with Knovio too. Share via email or across your social media channels. Because your showcases contain specific content, it’s easy to decide which channels to use to reach your audience.

You can share you showcase publicly and privately depending on who you want to view your videos and content.  Add a password using a guestbook and track viewer engagement in the Analytics Dashboard.  For example, if you are using your showcase for internal use – such as compliance training, create a guestbook to limit who has access to the showcase. This allows you to see who has viewed which pieces of content and for how long, whether they passed a quiz, and determine whether you need to make improvements to your content overall.

5. Measure your showcase content

All of this sounds great, but what good is it if you can’t measure the performance of your content?

Knovio branded showcase content is measurable too!  The Analytics Dashboard is highly visual and easy to follow, so anyone can understand what the data really means. It’s straightforward, yet powerful and you can really understand how well your videos and content is performing.  See total views at the presentation and showcase level, engagement scores (patented scoring algorithm), engagement heat map, average % watched, and even more!

You can better organize your analysis by running reports across groups of content using tags. And very soon, you’ll be able to run a report based on the showcase itself!

That dream from earlier is starting to feel like a reality, right?

Curate. Target. Brand. Share. Measure.  All your content.  From one platform.

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