The Smarter Way to Video

Gain the freedom of video and power of online presentations. All in one platform. Smart.

Video Hosting & Creation

One platform that makes file uploads fast and publishing simple, whether you have a little or a lot of video. One platform that makes it easy to add video to presentations, or create your own in a few easy steps. 
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Analytics & Insights

Powerful analytics and comprehensive reports help businesses understand how audiences engage with video. Behavioral insights help determine which videos work, and which can be improved.
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Organize & Share

Save time and deliver video and content in a dynamic way with custom video portals, public and private sharing options, and website embeds. Because video discovery is as important as the video itself.
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More Than Just a Video Platform

Designed from the ground up to give businesses the freedom of video and the power of online presentations from one platform. Seamlessly manage and create online training programs, video marketing, and internal communications.

One platform gives you the freedom to;

Create and distribute video and presentations with ease.

Drive deeper audience engagement with interactive tools.

Measure content performance and video success painlessly.

See quantifiable results and discover business insights.

One Video Platform. Hundreds of Uses.

Learning & Human Resources

Rapidly author and publish video-based training and on-boarding programs and materials. Organize them for specific audiences and control and customize the viewer experience.

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Marketing & Sales

Win new customers and get actionable insights from every video. Deliver personalized communications and master sales pitches with video practice. Qualify leads with engagement details.

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Corporate Communications

Drive employee engagement with personalized video communications. Save time and resources with collaboration tools to create expert-authored video presentations.

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Mobile Video

Share your expertise and ideas straight from the palm of your hand. Close more deals with video presentations and recording on-the-go. Share publicly or privately, and view from anywhere!

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Knovio's online video platform is a game changer for OpenExchange

"Branded Showcases are a Game Changer"

"Branded showcases are a game changer and Knovio's customizable online video platform allows OpenExchange to deliver financial video content in a dynamic way. Importantly, viewer metrics captured by the platform offer powerful business insights into user engagement."

Knovio's online video platform is a game changer for OpenExchange

- Mark Loehr, CEO, OpenExchange

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