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Champion Among Video Streaming Platforms

We are honored to be recognized by Wainhouse Research as a Champion for video streaming platforms focused on enterprise learning.  The Knovio video platform is designed with lots of flexibility and a broad set of capabilities which empowers every department to use slide decks, video and live streaming more often and with ease.  Easy to use workflows, in-depth analytics, and enterprise security options make Knovio a Champion.  Read the report at Wainhouse Research.

Knovio branded multimedia video player.

Dare To Be More Engaging With Online Video

Knovio makes is remarkably fast and simple for anyone to deliver engaging and memorable presentations.  Easily sync video or voice-over to your slides, add video clips, multimedia content or quizzes to drive up engagement.  Upgrade your training programs with fully integrated multimedia slide decks and dare to be more engaging.

Learn about these easy to use features of
Knovio's video platform.

Record video presentations

Instantly record video presentations and sync slides with video or voice-overs.  Customize players with multimedia to increase engagement.

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Create multimedia content

Turn static presentations into flip-decks and interactive experiences with clickable naviation, quizzes, and knowledgechecks. Track every unique interaction and see quiz results.

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Analyze video performance

Dive deep into video performance metrics to find actionable insights about individual and account-level engagement activities.

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Publish content everywhere

Host and share content on websites, social media, and email.  Easily customize video showcases and control access with registration pages, passwords, and guest lists.

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Organize video collections

Publish your own webpage with video, online presentations, and multimedia content. Brand it. Share it. And track engagement. No IT help required.

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Deliver multimedia livecasting

Livecast executive townhalls, events, training and more  with real-time slide sync with video and  NeverLate™.  Instantly post on-demand version with same url.

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How can you use Knovio?

Training, Communications & Human Resources

Create, manage and track online communications, on-boarding, and training programs.  With registration pages, individual engagement data, and quizzes, you'll always know how your viewers are engaging with your content and how well it performs. Repurpose existing video, presentations, and stream live video to save time and resources. Simplify your content creation process and focus on the outcomes.

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Flipped Classroom, Campus Media Platform & Student Presentations

Deliver highly interactive, video-based learning experiences with video presentations and multimedia content. It's the fast and easy way measure learning outcomes with a 360° view of engagement and activity.  Add quizzes to track knowledge retention, and invite anyone to author video presentations.

Exclusive plans for teachers and students.

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