5 Key Takeaways From TMN’s Knowledge Hosting Webinar

Knowledge Hosting is a new and exciting platform approach to integrating rapid creation, hosting, organizing, collaborating, and measurement of new rich media. This was the central focus of our latest webinar, Beyond Video: Why Every Learning Organization Needs a “Knowledge Hosting” Strategy. Our CEO and Founder Michael Kolowich discussed these new ways to think about organizational knowledge and how to harness them to drive better business outcomes.

As a newbie employee here with Knovio, this webinar was extremely interesting and informative for learning this brand new concept. So much so, I decided to put together my top 5 takeaways from the event. I factored in the content from the presentation itself, as well as some of the things I learned from the interactive audience who attended.

If you have any further questions regarding Knowledge Hosting or want to share your takeaways, leave a comment below!

What exactly is “Knowledge Hosting”?

The survey taken during the webinar affirmed what external research has revealed: that while the use of video and rich media for corporate learning is on the rise, its growth and effectiveness are inhibited by the cost, complexity, and time associated with producing it.  This is the result of taking a fragmented, piecemeal approach to creating, hosting, sharing, collaborating around, and measuring rich media.  Learning Management Systems, in their quest to be “content agnostic”, aren’t stepping up to the content creation/management task.  So it’s important for organizations to formulate a “knowledge hosting strategy” to go along with their “learning management strategy”.

A new class of “smart media” platform, exemplified by Knovio, is helping with this in several ways:

  • Rapid creation of rich media content such as video and media-enhanced online presentations;
  • Cloud-based streaming and storage, adaptive to the wide variety of mobile and desktop devices where learners want to learn;
  • Ways to share and organize this new smart media — not only through structured learning sequences such as what Learning Management Systems offer, but also through microsites, media collections, and portals;
  • Collaborative workflows that engage internal and external subject matter experts in the content creation process; and
  • Deep analytics that measure and provide insight into both how the content and individual learners perform — going beyond the simplistic measures that are typical of LMS and traditional video platforms.

A knowledge hosting strategy goes hand-in-hand with a platform approach to rich media management.

Measuring the business impact of Knowledge Hosting is made easy

With Knovio, you can track key performance metrics with a simple, yet powerful analytics interface. Detailed reporting options let you know exactly how well your viewers understand ideas using assessment tools, and how often they interact with content.  Pro-actively improve, adjust, and streamline content based on knowledge retention, engagement heat maps, and views. Finally, Knovio integrates with leading CRMs, LMSs, and marketing automation platforms, making it easy for you to use your analytics – and demonstrate ROI and program effectiveness.

Knowledge Hosting and LMS are great companions

Knowledge Hosting and LMS actually play two different, but complementary roles.  A Learning Management System is a way of tracking large numbers of learners, slotting them into on-demand (or sometimes live) course sequences, and tracking compliance or completion. A Knowledge Hosting platform creates, houses and tracks smart media content for a wider variety of learning modes, from formalized course material to ad-hoc collections of media-based knowledge content.  For smaller, less complex organizations, a Knowledge Hosting platform may be all you need; for larger organizations, LMS and Knowledge Hosting go hand-in-hand.

Looking to integrate Knovio with your current LMS? Video and interactive presentations hosted with Knovio can easily be launched and tracked from LMS’s that support the SCORM or LTI standard (i.e. most of them).  Yet Knovio’s capabilities and analytics go far beyond most LMS’s, and in fact for many learning applications an LMS is not necessary.  If you already have an LMS in place, a Knowledge Hosting platform is a great companion.

Was Knovio mainly developed for corporate eLearning?

Knovio was born from the idea that slide decks alone can’t convey a message in its entirety; and when decks are left behind, (or downloaded), a significant part of the presentation is lost because the speaker isn’t present.  We believed learning, training and marketing professionals who rely on presentations could really benefit from an easy to use video-based solution that encourages viewer engagement.

You choose who can access your content

Knovio content can be as public or private as you choose.  At one extreme, you can freely distribute Knovio-based content by posting links, sharing on social media, embedding it on web pages, and making it part of email campaigns.  At the other extreme, Knovio content can be restricted through a password login, or by restricting its viewing to specific domains or IP address ranges.  The point is that you are in complete control of how widely or narrowly you share the content.

Unable to make it to the live webinar? It’s not too late! Watch it here.

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