For when your expertise and story are as important as your presentation.


Together at Last: Video and Presentations

Using simple but powerful workflows, you can record and sync audio/video with slides, invite others to collaborate, and measure & track viewer engagement.

Integrate your Knovio content seamlessly with your learning management system (LMS) for certification and tracking.

Create short video lectures for employees to watch prior to training or on-boarding sessions to increase participation, engagement and overall knowledge retention.

Extend the life of essential company presentations with video and slide sync, and practice sales pitches to close more deals.

Add your personality

Capture the story behind your presentation with video or audio narration. Side-by-side video and PowerPoint improves engagement and learning outcomes. Include video clips, quizzes, & more to create more interactive presentations.

Collaborate for better results

Make your online video presentations more credible & memorable when you add expert-authored video content.  Invite colleagues, executives, & subject matter experts to share their story in minutes, eliminating production crews, scheduling, and barriers to creation.

360° View of Content Performance

Visual dashboards & reports lay out detailed analytics & engagement metrics, along with quiz data & completion certificates. View engagement activity at the account-level, across a group of assets, or even down to the viewer-level.


Share Video with Specific Audiences

Organize and share your online presentations and video with showcases.  Select the videos and online presentations you want your audience to view, and then share it using custom links or through social media. Use a registration page and password if you need to control who has access to your content.  Track showcase engagement in your analytics dashboard.

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Knovio helps you work smarter, not harder on your video presentations

Measure Performance and Control Access to Your Content

Create and add quizzes to your presentations to test comprehension, improve retention, and even make the content more engaging. In your analytics dashboard, review quiz results to see who passes or fails, and assess whether your content needs improvement.  You can even award certifications based on test results.

Control who watches your online presentations with a guestbook and password and see their individual viewing activity and behavior.

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