3 business plans designed
to grow with your business

*All plans include the basics: 1 user license, video hosting, standard features, in-depth analytics, & online knowledgebase support.

Only have a few video or presentations?
This plan is designed for you.
$20/mo (billed annually)
  • Create and host up to 25 videos or presentations.
  • 3 hours of storage
         (for up to 25 videos)
  • 1 user license
  • Custom design options
Powerful tools to transform
your video strategy.
$200/mo (billed annually)
  • More storage and unlimited videos.
  • 10 hours of storage
         (unlimited videos)
  • 1 user license
  • Custom design options
  • Collaboration tools
  • Quizzes, scoring, certifications
  • Advanced syncing options
  • Learning management system integration
  • Online & email support, plus on-boarding
Enterprise-level security
and admin controls.
Contactfor more info
  • Designed for large organizations and teams.
  • 100 hours of storage
         (unlimited videos)
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Custom design options
  • Advanced admin control
  • Account level security*
         (hover for details)
    -Domain & IP restrictions
    -Corporate SSO
  • Live webcasting
  • Monetization of content
  • Creative services
  • Assigned account team, plus on-boarding

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Get 3 videos (10 min/video) plus advanced features. Knovio branded players.

Knovio's online video platform is a game changer for OpenExchange

"Branded Showcases are a Game Changer"

"Branded showcases are a game changer and Knovio's customizable online video platform allows OpenExchange to deliver financial video content in a dynamic way. Importantly, viewer metrics captured by the platform offer powerful business insights into user engagement."

Knovio's online video platform is a game changer for OpenExchange

Mark Loehr, CEO, OpenExchange

Cargill prefers Knovio's online video solutions for business

"Much Easier to Use Than Other Video Platforms"

"Knovio analytics are very user friendly and much easier to use than other video platforms.  I prefer to track all my content in Knovio whenever possible, including; users who launched videos, how they engaged and how they influenced the sale. It's important for us to blend learning & marketing."

Jean Sbragia, Cargill

Knovio's online video platform gives LiveMed a strategic advantage

"Knovio Gives Us a Real Strategic Advantage"

"As a CME provider, it's absolutely essential we provide the best video content. With Knovio, we create & deliver video in branded portals incredibly fast, & analyze results immediately. What used to take four months to develop, now takes one. Knovio gives us a real strategic advantage."

LiveMed CEO Angel Vazquez' comments on Knovio's online video platform

Angel Vazquez, CEO, LiveMed

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