Updated Knovio Speaker Profiles add Personalization to Events and Presentations

Knovio's updated Speaker Profiles give your audience a sense of who they're listening to and what type of qualifications they have, giving credibility to your presenters and making the experience more relatable.

Lincoln, Massachusetts, July 16th, 2019 -- KnowledgeVision Systems, a leader in smart media and creating personalized online video presentation ts, has developed a new platform feature that enables corporate and enterprise account users to quickly create a profile for speakers that include an image, name, title, and qualifications they can add to live and on-demand presentations.

"Providing viewers a glimpse of who they're listening to both adds credibility to the information being presented and allows viewers to connect with the content in a more personal way"

Shawn Whitiker - Knovio Head of Client Success

These profiles are easy to set up and take just a minute or so to do meaning your teams are able to spend more time on other initiatives leading up to the event.

Additionally, Knovio Speaker Profiles can be stored for repeat presenters or knowledge leaders that may be a part of future events. Profiles can also be quickly edited to update qualifications and titles or to make the profile more relevant to a specific topic.

The Speaker Profile feature is included in all paid Knovio subscriptions and in corporate accounts. Learn more about Speaker Profiles and see how they look and or request a demo to discover how they can be used in your next event.

About KnowledgeVision

KnowledgeVision is the leader in smart media creation, hosting, and tracking technology. Its Knovio online video platform is used by more than 300,000 people worldwide in more than 2,000 companies and campuses to create, host, share, organize, collaborate around, and measure online media and presentation content.

Founded in 2010 by a team of online media pioneers led by ZDNet founder Michael Kolowich, KnowledgeVision is backed by GrandBanks Capital, Rand Capital, and a group of individual investors who believe in the company's mission to bring smarter video content to every business, organization, and educational institution.

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