Ask Your Experts to Narrate Their Own Slides in Seconds!

Capture Subject Matter Expertise Easier Than Ever Before

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Invite Anyone to Record Presentations

Ask your colleagues, subject matter experts, executives, and more.

Video and images make presentations more memorable.  Having subject matter experts share their story and expertise makes them more credible. Now it's remarkably easy for you to ask anyone in your organization to make their presentations more powerful. In seconds, you can ask your experts to record a video narrate a slide deck. It's fast, requires no technical savvy, and is drop-dead simple.

As Easy As 1-2-3!

You Invite

Upload presentations or images to Knovio. Send an email with the link to record.

 They Record

Your guests accept the invitation and can record when it's convenient for them.

You Share

You review and publish the presentation, then share it with your audience.

Experience the Difference

Easy workflows makes managing and producing video-based presentations a breeze.

The one-step invitation process means you can supercharge the participation of your subject matter experts. Adhoc presentation requests are easy to manage and produce.

The interactive process between you and your content expert helps to simplify content creation. With alerts and notifications, you always know the status of your guest presentations.

Sharing the knowledge of company experts is lighting fast. Presentations produced with Knovio are instantly accessible and seamlessly shared on any computer or mobile device.


With online invitations, in-person presentations and time-consuming conference calls are a thing of the past.

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