‘The NetFlix Effect’ is Shaping Online Learning (Knovio can help)

With viewer expectations on the rise, producers of online presentations are finding it difficult to keep up. Gain insight into how other professionals are staying on top of these rising demands and providing content in a more engaging manner. 

It’s now 2019 — Each month online content producers, especially in HR and training, are finding that it’s getting more and more difficult to connect with their audience. Surprisingly enough, this phenomenon stems from quite an unexpected place; Netflix.

Every night your audience members use NetFlix or other streaming services to consume content, and it’s a layout they’ve become very accustomed to. This is leaving professionals constantly looking for ways to provide the content their viewers need in a way that captures their attention.

About ‘The NetFlix Effect’

Whether subconsciously or otherwise, your viewers will compare the way they receive your content to other sources they use, meaning the learning experience they receive from your team is directly compared to NetFlix.

This easy to use interface has become something they look to as the gold standard of navigating content. If you aren’t able to provide content in the same type of easy-to-use manner, they will view it more as a chore to consume, becoming less engaged with the presentations your team worked so hard to create.

As more and more services like NetFlix are developed, this effect is becoming more profound, further solidifying their expectations about how content should be delivered. This has begun to put professionals in a bit of a difficult situation as they struggle to compete.

How to use ‘The NetFlix Effect’ when presenting content

To compete with this comparison, an interesting trend has developed. Professionals are moving away from fragmented hosting and sharing options to a more holistic approach where they provide a library interface that allows viewers to scroll through and search for relevant content. This is a familiar experience for those that use streaming services and one that’s easy to pick up for those that don’t.

Giving them a way to interact with the material itself is another emerging trend, specifically enabling them to track progress and save their unique preferences helps them to better engage with the material as well as provide an incentive to continue viewing content.

By providing an experience that’s similar to what your viewers have come to expect they’ll feel more like they’re watching television at home as opposed to completing training videos at work.

How Knovio helps to keep up with rising audience expectations

After conversations with our users and looking at industry trends, the solution is branded and personalized learning portals.

Taking note of the best aspects of how NetFlix engages with and provides personalization to viewers then combining this with the needs of professionals in Training and HR, Knovio Showcases provide the best of both worlds.

The ability to categorize content and provide viewers with search navigation, personalized progress tracking and the option to favorite content they would like to revisit creates a unique experience tailored to each member of your audience. Viewers are even able to subscribe to a Showcase and receive alerts when new material becomes available!

Allowing them to engage with presentations in a way they’re familiar with will cause them to find relevant content faster and enjoy the viewing experience far more.

To top this off, you’re able to use Showcases for more than just viewer based engagement; track analytics on content including total views and viewing time, completion and engagement rates, even add tests or quizzes to content that automatically distributes certifications when needed.

To see how your content will look like in a personalized and branded Knovio Showcase or discuss your next project, let’s get in touch.

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