Knovio Support Options

Support for all Knovio Users:

  • Knovio KnowledgeBase – Type in a question, and you’ll get the answers you need from our extensive support database.
  • Knovio Learning Center – A collection of videos and documentation tuned to the needs of all Knovio users
  • Practice Slides – A presentation deck that you can use to develop and hone your skills on Knovio, complete with instructions.
  • Feature Log – A chronological listing of all the new features introduced in Knovio.

Additional Support for
Knovio Pro, Gold, Suite, and Student Edition Users:

  • Email Support – Click the link to enter a support request directly into our system, or email
  • Template Gallery – A gallery of alternative player designs available to every Knovio premium subscriber.
  • Advanced Feature Documentation and Tutorials – Documentation and support materials specifically tailored to the advanced features of subscription versions of Knovio.