Video and Slides Side by Side: What’s the Big Deal?

Slide decks can be a lot like jelly. By itself is less than exciting, but when paired with something awesome like peanut butter or video, you have a delicious treat for yourself and your viewers!

For years, PowerPoint decks have been the primary driver for delivering information to the learner. This worked well for a while to easily create and share materials in private portals, intranets, and learning management system’s. But, like the peanut butter sitting in your pantry for the past 2 years, this method has become a bit stale.

Learners are now screaming for more engaging, hands-on content to understand materials. Even the trainers themselves are looking for the best way to innovate and elevate the quality of their learning programs.

So, what is the best way? After much research and conversations with professionals, the answer appears to be video and slides side by side.

Video and Slides side by side

And the best part? Creating a presentation with video and slides side by side is actually as easy as making a PB&J. Plus it can include video of all kinds.

Pre-recorded footage from a live event. Professionally shot marketing videos. Screen captures from Camtasia. Or even fresh recorded video selfies from your webcam or mobile device.

This delivery method spans across all types of industries and job functions. Here are some of the most creative and powerful ways we see video and slides side by side being used today:

Training and On-Boarding

Small HR or L&D teams can often struggle keeping up with the constant demand for training. Finding the time, resources, and budget to consistently deliver in-person trainings to employees, brokers, partners, and learners of all types is just too burdensome in today’s fast moving business climate.

Luckily, teams can now easily combat this by creating online video presentations. Adding on-demand content detailing company history, how-to videos, compliance and more can turn weekly presentations into just a one-time recording.

Save your time and resources for more meaningful projects. Develop online learning programs using video and slides side-by-side for constant learner access to training. All while you’re sitting at your desk.

Just-In-Time Learning

We recently spoke with many of our clients who work in corporate learning and training. We asked all of them what the biggest trend they say in the industry today, and the overwhelming answer from all of them was: Just-in-time learning.

Gone are the days of waiting for the next scheduled training day to brush up on courses and lessons for work. Learners are now allowed and encouraged to learn at their own pace with on-demand content. They can access the content whenever they need to, and rewatch as many times as they need to fully understand the material.

So not only will your life be made easier in the creation process, but learners will be more engaged and have a higher chance of retaining the knowledge with a just-in-time learning strategy.

PRO TIP: Alongside just-in-time learning, many of our clients also mentioned being mindful of the viewers attention span. Keep your content short and concise. The consensus length of a video or video presentation they aim for is 3 to 5 minutes long.

Corporate Communications

With our calendars busier than ever, and so many employees working remotely, delivering live and on-demand broadcasts with video and slides side by side is one of the most efficient, powerful ways you can communicate.

Townhall meetings, earnings reports, conferences. It doesn’t matter. You will save time and avoid the headache of fitting everyone’s schedule by adopting this method to your communications strategy.

Marketing & Sales

If video is the most engaging piece of content we can provide employees, partners, and learners, why should prospects be treated any differently?

Incorporating video and slides side by side to the sales process adds a personal touch to your outreach, and gives your pitch an opportunity to stand out among the hundreds of voicemails and text-based emails they receive.

This can even be used for marketing videos and product demos. In the age of shorter attention spans, it can be hard for a marketer to fit all of the information they want to get across in a one minute video. By adding slides alongside it, you can provide wealths of extra information, while keeping the video at an appropriate length.

Continuing Professional Education

E-learning has revolutionized the ways teachers and learners do their jobs. That’s no secret anymore.

In this virtual classroom setting though, video with no added visuals can cause a viewer to miss pertinent information. And slide decks alone just are not that engaging. So, the way we’ve seen teachers and trainers really witness the results they want from their courses is by combining these two things.

The video for hands-on, personalized teaching. Plus the slides for bulleted notes and supplemental content. The viewers retain more knowledge from the experience, and the creators only have to build the presentation one time.


So as you can see, online presentations incorporating video and slides side by side is used across many different job functions and industries. It adds engagement and personality to the content, and provides the viewer with more opportunities to learn at their own pace. This in turn leads to higher knowledge retention from the viewer, and better results from the awesome content you’ve created!

Want to see how this method could fit into your training and communications strategy? Let us know, and we’ll show you how to get started.

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