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Branded Showcases: The Video & Content Game Changer

Marketing & sales. Corporate learning. Education. It doesn't matter who you are, branded showcase microsites are what you need to be smarter with your video and content. Branded showcases are truly the fastest and simplest way to curate, share and, analyze your content.

Create Branded Viewing Experiences

Seamlessly share curated videos, PDFs, PPTs, images, & more with Knovio's branded showcases. Brand your microsites just like your website with logos, banners, colors, custom URLs, & thumbnails

Share Microsites with Targeted Audiences

Easily curate targeted content with tags and categories. Share both externally and internally using public and private options including guestbook registration and passwords.

Achieve Higher ROI

Re-package your live events and other content for on-demand viewing. Track the engagement and effectiveness of them, and even monetize your content for a higher ROI.

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