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Create Branded Video Showcases Without Code or IT

The fastest and easiest way to create and share collections of videos, flip decks, and video presentations is with showcases. Advanced features enable trainers to publish personalized learning showcases where viewers can track what they've watched, and trainers can highlight new content.

Video showcases are ideal to deliver and track online training courses, just-in-time learning, post-conference on-demand viewing, and more! 



All Your Video & Training Content in One Place

Publish a virtual online viewing experience with special video collections, just-in-time learning courses, or compliance training. It's lightning fast to organize content, create multi-level content categories, embed in a website or share a custom link.

Customize showcases starting with your brand. Choose from several layouts, highlight new content and even show viewers their viewing progress.

Share internally or publicly with or without a registration page and password, and integrate them with your  learning management systems.

There are lots of ways to use video showcases:


Conferences and Events


Just-In-Time Learning


Corporate Communications


Human Resources

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Higher Education


Training & Development

Understand Every Interaction

Whether your content is video, a multimedia presentation, a flip-deck or a live event, showcases make it easy to share and track everything.

Powerful analytics dashboards allow you to understand the full engagement and performance of your video portal.

Track the different videos watched, for how long, and each individual viewers activity across the showcase. Even include quiz results to measure content effectiveness.

Monetize content with a Video Paywall

Create New Revenue Streams

Increase your ROI on live and on-demand content with easy-to-manage paywall services.

The InPlayer paywall solution provides Knovio users with a fast, efficient, and effective way to charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to access a single video or collection of content.

Sell on-demand educational courses, premium research materials, and live events in minutes.

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