Not just video analytics. Actionable insights.
Account performance. Viewer engagement.

Video Analytics Made Easy

360° view of audience engagement in one visual dashboard makes it fast and easy to measure online presentation and video performance. From one interactive analytics dashboard you can find the business insights you need and the metrics your business demands.

And you can easily schedule and share reports right to the inbox, or download them all – including graphs and charts.

Video Analytics

Measure Every Aspect of Engagement

Knovio simplifies how to access the data you need with interactive dashboards and easy-to-read reports.

Account level analytics give you the first measure of how well your content is performing overall. Dive deeper and you'll find video analytics at the video-level, author-level, presentation-level, showcase-level & individual viewer level.

Because you should know every detail about how your videos and video presentations are performing.

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Free E-Book: "The Practical Guide to Video Analytics and Viewer Tracking"

Whether your video application is learning, compliance, marketing, investor relations, or corporate communications, it’s useful to know two things about your content: how is my video content performing, and exactly who is watching and how are they engaging with my video content?

Analyze Unique Videos and Video Presentations

Gain a full understanding into content performance and analyze each video or presentation to see it's full engagement and activity.

Discover actionable insights for where views are viewing content, where viewers are dropping off and where improvements can be made.

Plus, there's no need to wonder who’s been watching your video or video presentation with viewer-level analytics.

Knovio Analytics - Viewer

Track Individual Activity

Analyze and track each individual viewers full engagement across your videos and presentations.

It's fast and easy to understand what they've watched, how long, and their interactions with every piece of content. Measure effectiveness by viewing quiz results.

Perfect tool for human resources, training, and corporate learning professionals who need to know individual performance metrics.

Find Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

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