Video performance at every level.

Video Analytics Made Easy

360° view of audience engagement in one visual dashboard makes it fast and easy to measure video and online presentation performance. From one interactive analytics dashboard you can find the business insights you need and the metrics your business demands.

And you can easily schedule and share reports right to the inbox, or download them all – including graphs and charts.

Account Report

Schedule reports straight to your inbox

Account level analytics give you the first measure of how well your video is performing overall.  Dive deeper and see all video analytics at the video-level, author-level, presentation-level and individual viewer level.

Track individual activity

You can see who's been creating content and how well their videos and presentations are performing.

And, it's fast and easy to understand who's been watching which videos and online presentations and what they've been doing during each view!


Author-level performance
Use Tags for Reporting

Analyze unique videos and presentations

No need to wonder who’s been watching which video or video presentation. Get a full view of unique viewing behavior including engagement activities, quiz performance, videos watched, how long your viewer watched and when your viewer dropped off.

See how well your video
and video presentations perform