Make and share all types of video presentations. In minutes, not hours.

Flexible Video Presentation Maker for Any Device

Add your voice and personality to online presentations straight from your webcam or mobile device. Even narrate a presentation with voice-over or sync existing video with slide decks or images. Then instantly share it for the world to see.

Because video makes every message more personal. And sharing them anywhere, anytime makes them more powerful. 

Video presentation maker for engaging online video presentations

Live and On-demand Multimedia Viewing Options

The engagement doesn't stop with your video and slides when you have an interactive video presentation maker.

Capture the attention of your viewers when you add media clips, animations, & surveys. You can even embed quizzes to measure knowledge retention and add Q&A.

And if you want to create a live presentation experience, easy-to-use workflows allow users of all skill levels to produce a live event.

Interactive Video Players for Every Occasion

Transport viewers into a one-one learning experience with interactive online video presentations. This easy-to-use video presentation maker gives you the tools to let your viewers learn at their own pace and the ability to create unique viewing experiences.

With clickable chapter navigation, searchable transcripts and embedded assessments viewers easily find content; and assess their knowledge along the way. Downloadable supplemental learning materials and content continues the training experience beyond the video.


Create interactive experiences with an online video presentation maker
Reenergize marketing content, training videos and on-boarding programs with an easy-to-use online video platform

Synchronize Video and Slides

Self-recorded or narrated video presentations not for you? Add your pre-recorded videos in minutes with seamless uploads and easy-to-use workflows.

Synchronize your company meetings, live events, and training sessions with slide decks to create an engaging multimedia presentation.

Or simply host your video with the customization, tracking, and control you won't find with YouTube.

Capture and Share Expert Knowledge with Ease

Elevate the quality of your training and learning content with the authenticity and credibility of your company's experts.

Whether your experts are in the office or presenting at an event, our flexible video presentation maker makes it easy to capture and share their stories.

Invite your expert to record their own story, or synchronize existing event footage with slides. It's that easy.

Even add in speaker profiles to show your audience who they're listening to.

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