Create anything. In minutes, not hours.

Make It Personal

Video makes every message more personal and powerful. Add your voice and personality to online presentations using your webcam or mobile device. Narrate a presentation or sync existing video with slide decks or images. Then instantly share it for the world to see.

Make your online presentations more personal

Create Engaging Experiences

Easily add webpages, video clips, or PowerPoint animations to every presentation to drive engagement. Customize players with searchable transcripts, chapter navigation, Q&A, and downloadable materials and add quizzes to measure retention.

Capture Your Company's Storytellers

Improve the authenticity and credibility of all your content with video authored expert presentations.  Subject matter experts are very persuasive and can quickly participate in the content creation process with powerful collaboration tools.

Powerful collaboration tools to accelerate the content creation process
Reenergize marketing content, training videos and on-boarding programs with an easy-to-use online video platform

Reuse. Repurpose. Recreate.

Take that quarterly company meeting and repurpose it for all your employees to see.  Simple workflows and interface mean you can breathe new life into one-time events. Marketing content, training videos and on-boarding programs can be quickly enhanced with video and interactive players and shared company-wide.

Just-in-time Content is a Snap!

Assemble videos and online presentations on the fly with advanced workflows and virtual video trimming. Combine multiple videos and slides into one presentation or record a video to address specific questions and instantly share it via email.

Easily record video and presentations on the fly

Create Video Presentations Like Never Before