Create and Track Engaging Training Programs, Multimedia Content and Live Events.

Move beyond views with advanced video presentation tools, personalized video showcases, customized video players and powerful analtyics. 


Make Stronger Connections

Before you send your next presentation, add a personal perspective with voice or video. Sync your slides with existing video or record each slide as you go.  Don't forget to make it even more engaging with presenter bios,  media clips, quizzes and customizable video players. 

Now it's fast and simple to deliver presentations that are memorable and effective.  


Publish Content Collections in Do-It-Yourself Video Showcases

Organize your video for select audiences with showcases.  Showcases are a collection of video, presentations, and content that are grouped together for easy viewing.  You can brand your showcase, customize the layout, and add registration pages to control who accesses them.  

Create and distribute showcase webpages without the headaches of coding. 


Deliver the Right Viewing Experiences Everytime

Customize your video players with branding, navigation, multimedia and zoom controls. Keep it simple for video and flipdecks or customize everything for an immersive experience.


Share Video Anyway You Want

Video and video presentations are the most popular way to deliver partner communications, product launches, employee on-boarding and much more. 

Control who views them with pre-approved guest registration lists, capture leads with registration forms, share customized links, or just embed in your web properties.  



Analyze Presentation Performance & Viewer Engagement

Measure every aspect of video and video presentation performance.  Imagine a 360º view into your video content where you can analyze video performance at of a single video or at the account, author or collection level.  Schedule and share reports with team members or your boss.  Check quiz results too. 



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