Knovio is not just a video platform.

It's the video platform where video, video presentations,
and live streaming seamlessly come together
so you can communicate better. 

Host With Confidence

Confidently manage, share, and live stream video using smart file detection and a powerful cloud-based network.

Share video and presentations using amazing publishing options
Eliminate the hassles of content sharing and management
Secure access to content with corporate single sign-on
Stream live events and create multimedia viewing experiences
Get optimal reliability for the most security-conscious enterprise.

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Dynamically Organize Video

Organize and publish video collections in branded video showcase pages and change how you deliver video and video presentations.

Share and track video collections with unique, customizable showcase pages and custom links.
Control viewership with guestbooks and registration pages
with passwords.
Manage and measure showcase and individual video performance from anywhere.
Secure showcases with domain restrictions or registration pages
with passwords.

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Share Privately. Share Publicly.
The choice is yours.

It's never been simpler to control who views your videos.

Share publicly with embed codes and on social networks or with individual email links & thumbnails.
Control who views content with private guestbooks and registration pages.
Receive alert notifications when video and online presentations are viewed.
Customize viewing links and enforce branding with custom urls.
Integrate video and content into Learning Management Systems with SCORM and LTI.

Powerful Analytics Provide
Smarter Insights

Find and share powerful insights with engagement data down to the individual viewer.

Understand video performance with retention waterfalls.
Measure viewer comprehension with quiz results.
Analyze all your video and content with summary reports.
Discover new business insights with detailed engagement data.
Schedule daily, weekly reports right to your inbox or quickly share results with a click of a button.

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Three Steps to Master
Video Presentations

Three steps to get you started.

One: Upload your content.
Two: Record or sync video side-by-side with slides.
Three: Publish and share.


Five ways to get video published.

Publish video only.
Sync video to slides with fast uploads and simple workflows.
Record video or narrate slides.
Invite others to create video.
Re-purpose existing video and create multimedia viewing experiences.


Your video presentation possibilities are endless.

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Collaborate with Anyone to Supercharge Communications

Invite others to create, record or narrate an interactive presentation, even if they don't have a Knovio account. With just an email, everyone in the organization can be a video content creator.

Collaborate with colleagues on research
Practice sales pitches or training presentations and get feedback
Invite subject matter experts to author video-based content
Avoid scheduling headaches and draining resources

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Branded showcases are a game changer. Knovio's customizable video platform allows OpenExchange to deliver financial video content in a dynamic way.

Mark Loehr

CEO, OpenExchange

Ready to transform how you manage video?