Create New Revenue Streams From Your Live Events
and Video with Easy-to-Manage Paywall Services

Increase your ROI on conferences & events and uncover new revenue streams
from your on-demand content.

  -The InPlayer paywall solution gives Knovio users a fast, efficient and effective way to charge a fee for a single video or a collection of content.  All you need to do is add the paywall in front of your Knovio or Knovio showcase.  InPlayer does the rest.  

Everything You Need In A Paywall Solution

Powerful and flexible

Seamlessly accept payments to access live streaming events or on-demand video. Add  to a single video or a collection of digital assets.

Branding and pricing

Brand your paywall in minutes and customize your pricing strategy with pre-sales, vouchers, packages, and recurring payments options.

Analytics and Reports

Easy-to-use dashboard with graphs and charts give visual insight into sales histories. Export reports to analyze further and share with business stakeholders.

Trusted and secure

Content access requires user authentication. All data transfers are encrypted and use SSL. Control concurrent sessions to limit sharing.

Works Across Devices

Wherever your viewers watch content, your paywall will work seamlessly.  On mobile devices, laptops or desktop environments.

Who Uses Paywalls?


Generate Significant New Revenues with a Paywall

Make your live conference more profitable with a secure, easy-to-use paywall.

With a custom paywall solution, you can expand the reach of your event and capture new revenue streams with virtual live conference attendees and on-demand viewers.

Event organizers have a fast, affordable and easy option to monetize content during and after an event, generate new revenue streams and expand the market reach of their events.  Use video showcases to seamlessly organize your content during the show and after.

Knovio showcase
Simplify your video marketing strategy for marketing & sales with Knovio's easy-to-use platform

Capture Revenues & Leads From Premium Content

Unleash a new business model with subscription revenues from your premium content and support new content and marketing initiatives.

Repurpose popular videos and content, and discover new audiences while capturing leads for future sales opportunities.

Sell on-demand educational courses and elearning content directly to end-users with multiple payments models to appeal to the individual learner. Organize content in video showcases to make it easy for learners to find what they want when they need it.

Showcases with a paywall are the fast, efficient and profitable way to extend the life of premium content and create video revenue streams.



Monetize Content and Access to Exclusive Research

The changing dynamic of how customers consume your content requires a new approach to your business strategy.

Add paywalls to your premium research materials from video to presentations to multimedia content to drive new revenues from existing customers.

Expand your market reach, distribute fresh and exclusive content and create valuable new leads and revenues.


Brainshark Alternative

Create Revenue Your Way

Tiered Subscription or
Access Strategy

Let subscribers sample your content or give access to a set number of assets before requiring payment. Try this model to increase revenues from existing clients.

Subscriptions & Micropayments Strategy

Subscriptions require a commitment. Offer options to pay for one piece of content too.  This is an easy way to segment based on customer pay preferences.

Premium Content

Offer premium or exclusive content in the form of a single video or a compilation. Works well with live streaming and is a great way to monetize high-value conferences & events.

Simple Paywall

Get started with monetization using a simple paywall.  Add a paywall to content available to subscribers and test varying models to determine additional revenue streams.


Manage Your Live Streaming & On-demand Video Content

Readily publish branded YouTube-like websites with your live streaming video, on-demand video, presentations and assets in a simple and straightforward video showcase. Add your paywall to your showcase and your viewers have quick access to your live event and on-demand video and multimedia presentation content.



Start a New Revenue Stream

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