Three Breathtakingly Simple Ways to Give Memorable Presentations

Three breathtakingly simple ways to give more memorable presentations

How do you create memorable presentations? That’s a tough question. You open up your PowerPoint software and you just stare at it. Nothing happens. Maybe you finish your cup of coffee, or you answer ten, even twenty emails instead.

I’ve been there – have you?

You write the headline for each page and nothing happens! Yikes, this is taking way too long. Then you ask someone else to create it for you because, you know, there’s always someone else who knows how to use PowerPoint better than you.

My recommendation? Stop! It’s not about how you make a presentation. It’s first and foremost about what and how you want to share.

If you’ve been asked to prepare a presentation, then nine out of ten times you’re the one who knows the most about the subject. Embrace the honor. Think of yourself as the keynote speaker, or the subject matter expert. Be present whenever you can – either in person, or through video or audio narration. Be the storyteller – and have some fun!

1. Define your viewers’ experience.

Imagine your audience, and what’s most important to them. Create context and relevancy with situational challenges they can relate to. Use new platforms and software that help you create incredible viewing experiences by adding video, images, audio, quizzes and surveys. I like software apps such as Haiku Deck, eMaze, for creative slides, and multimedia presentation platforms such as our Knovio platform to add video and supplemental materials.

And if you still don’t believe me, consider this: when visuals and video are added to presentations, there’s a 43% increase in viewer recall! That alone is an amazing reason to give it a try.

2. Tap into your recent experiences.

Think about the last presentation or conversation you remember. What made it memorable and why did you like it?  Chances are the storyteller (aka- presenter) caught your attention with a relatable fact, challenge or situation; grabbed you with some emotion and passion.  And, then closed it with what you needed to know. Pretty simple. All it takes is practice.

3. Memorable presentations start with you.

First and foremost, memorable presentations start with you. Always be prepared, but not scripted. Know your material and everything will flow from there. Use your presentation as your guide, not the story.

Still can’t get your presentation right? Try these four tips. They work for me.

Four steps to more engaging presentations.

  1. Less is More. Keep your story simple and focused. I always follow these rules for my presentation materials:
    • CCR: Keep your presentation Clean, Crisp and Relevant.
    • Visual: Include images that capture a concept rather than text.
    • Video: Everyone expects a video. Be sure it’s extremely relevant and only as long as needed to make your point.
    • Strategic copy: High-level copy to guide your story and that resonates with your audience.
    • 3+3 = Clarity: To keep my slides on point, I use this trick: 3 bullets, 3 words per bullet.
  2. Get to the point immediately.  Everyone wants to know why they are there; and what they are getting out of the presentation.  This will drive more engagement.
  3. Give it context.  Make sure your audience can relate to the information. Try anecdotal stories, describe a common challenge, or use images to convey your message.
  4. Be passionate.  Acknowledge your nerves and believe in your expertise.  As a subject matter expert, no one knows the specific material like you.  Relax and enjoy sharing your experience, knowledge and expertise.  People will notice and be more engaged.

So, remember, personal presence (live, video or audio), images and words can be so powerful.  Use them to your advantage. Give it a try.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to help.

Knock ’em dead!

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