The Knovio Practice Presentation

Get up to speed with these simple slides and instructions

Want to try out Knovio but don't yet have some slides and a story you want to capture?  The Knovio Practice Slides are a very quick and easy way to get started.

This short presentation deck will give you a set of images, plus some instructions and a script to follow, that will help you exercise Knovio's most basic functions.  You'll learn how to:

  • Import slides and images into Knovio;
  • Enter speaker notes to remind you what to say for each slide;
  • Change the order of the slides;
  • Delete slides;
  • Record video narration;
  • Record audio narration;
  • Re-record over your narration to correct mistakes;
  • Preview your presentation;
  • Publish and share your presentation.

How to get the Practice Presentation

If you're a Knovio Mobile user, you can get the Practice Slides by clicking on the SETTINGS (gear) icon, and choosing Practice Slides.  They'll show up in your Library as a draft presentation, and you can press the EDIT (camera) icon to get started.

If you're a Knovio Web user, you can download the Practice Slide file by right-clicking the button here, saving the PowerPoint file to a hard disk, and then finding that saved file as part of the ADD SLIDES process when you start a presentation.