Knovio: The Solution For Every Department

Every company wants an organizational solution that’s able to help multiple departments to better reach their goals. Unfortunately, a lot of solutions available are built in a way that will only make it relevant to a specific team.

As Knovio continues to add more and more functionality based on user input and market trends, it’s not only expanding uses for HR and training teams but becoming an essential part of almost every department. This article will focus on how different departments have started to incorporate Knovio into their daily process.

Our core users have always been those in training, workforce development, and human resources. Knovio has strived to provide these professionals with the tools they need to create and combine engaging training content while providing a personalized experience for viewers. Some primary uses have been the ability to:

  • Author compelling online presentations – elevate static content by adding narration, video clips, and other media to create a more engaging experience.
  • Add Knowledge checks and quizzes – confirm knowledge retention during presentations or after completion, then automatically distribute certifications when needed.
  • Personalize Learning Portals – Showcases are a branded, learner-centric site where viewers can find all the content they need, track progress, and be alerted to new content.
  • Analyze Contents Engagement – gain insight into how effective your training content is by looking at total views, average view time, and completion rates.

Marketing is another department we have always been closely associated with, Knovio is the perfect option for combining media into stunning promotional material and creating a user-centric webinar experience. This department has been excited to use Knovio to:

  • Combine Existing Content – such as flip decks, audio, and video together into engaging presentations that will captivate members of your audience.
  • Present Live Events – in a matter of minutes, put together compelling and personalized live events with adjustable screens, live comments, and NeverLate.
  • Generate Leads and Revenue – Open registration guestbooks help collect leads and contact information or use paywalls to monetize content and create additional revenue streams.

A rising Knovio user base has come from executive officers and managers looking for an easy way to address a select audience or the company as a whole for scheduled town halls and conferences or in times of crisis. With Knovio, these individuals are able to:

  • Quickly Address the Company – Easily set up live streams within minutes to immediately speak with your audience when an emergency breaks out.
  • Secure Sensitive Content – Knovio’s Guestbook and passcode protected learning portals allow teams to securely store sensitive content for a select group of viewers.
  • Monetize Content – Create additional revenue streams on content from knowledge experts or panels of your more prestigious leaders.

Knovio’s latest updates make it a useful addition to any department looking for an easy way to standardize content and share knowledge among their team over a number of locations. Any department has found that Knovio is a quick and easy way to:

As Knovio continues to develop new ways for users to streamline their daily activities; the number of departments that find an effective use for the solution will continue to rise. To make sure a company is able to make the most out of their subscription and provide access to any and all departments, our corporate accounts come with unlimited users.

I hope you’ve found this to be a useful rundown of how other clients have been using Knovio, if you have any questions please reach out to me directly or access support, we would be happy to provide access to anyone at your organization interested in getting started.

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