The Quiet Power of the Online Presentation “Flip Deck”

As impressive as a video-narrated, chapterized, footnoted, and quiz-enhanced online presentation can be, sometimes you don’t have even the short amount of time it takes to assemble such a multimedia wonder in Knovio.  Or maybe you’re shy and don’t feel comfortable adding video or audio narration to your presentation.

We get that.

That’s why we came up with instant Knovio “flip decks”: the fastest, easiest way to share and track a presentation deck online.

Simply put, a flip deck is a way to make any PowerPoint, PDF presentation, or sequence of photographs available online instantly for any private or public audience.  Anyone who has the link can view and flip through it, using nothing more than a standard web browser.

Whether you’re a speaker wanting to share slides after a conference presentation, a CEO wanting to share slides before a board meeting, or a market researcher wanting to distribute a series of charts and graphs, Knovio is the quickest and most compelling way to publish your presentation online.

Here are some of the things that make Knovio flip decks unique and special:

  • Unlike a PDF, the Knovio flip deck captures and faithfully recreates PowerPoint animations;
  • You can, if you wish, enhance your flip deck with quizzes, footnotes, attachments, question boxes, and other interactive elements;
  • You can insert video clips into your flip deck;
  • You can send it out by email and get notified when and how it’s watched;
  • You can choose from five different options for embedding it in a web page or blog post;
  • You can add a “guest book” to ask your viewers to sign in before viewing;
  • You can get detailed analytic reports on who watched, how engaged they were, and how successful the flip deck was overall;
  • You can post it immediately to a public website,, to be discovered immediately by major search engines;
  • You can build showcases and microsites containing just flip decks, or combine them with other videos and multimedia presentations made with Knovio.

There has never been a more easy and dynamic way to share presentations.  Knovio flip decks reach well beyond those of legacy systems like SlideShare.

We made it really easy to create and publish Knovio flip decks.  Typically it takes a minute or two — maybe a little longer if you have animations.  Here are the steps:

  1. Open Knovio’s “Start Something New” page;
  2. Drag your PowerPoint, PDF, or a series of image files (JPEG or PNG) into the file box;
  3. Choose “Publish” to create an instant flip deck;
  4. Choose from the many options how you want to share it.

It really is that simple.

We’ve also made it easy to try out flip decks with Knovio, without cost or obligation.  You can create and share flip deck presentations for 14 days with the Knovio Free Trial. 

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