Share The Story Beyond The Slide Deck

Don't just email your presentation. Create business video presentations with you (or your expert), your deck, and interactive players.

Make Video Presentations a Breeze

Record and sync audio or video side-by-side with slides, collaborate with others and measure content performance and track viewer engagement and activity.

Make video quickly with our video presentation maker in a few steps.
Create video presentations to improve participation and knowledge retention in training and onboarding programs.
with learning management systems and track outcomes and individual performance.
Turn static sales pitches into a personalized video and stand out from the competition.

Add personality with video and audio

Make every presentation and proposal more memorable and effective in less time with video. Record video or audio narration side-by-side with your slides, pdf, or other materials in a few simple steps and then organize, share and track its performance.

Collaborate with colleagues and experts

Content matter experts can easily add audio narration or video stories to slide decks and moreusing collaboration tools like invite. Colleagues can record and share video presentations on their schedule.

Analyze every aspect of engagement

Visual dashboards and detailed reports provide in-depth engagement metrics, including quiz data & completion certificates.  View engagement activity at the account-level, across a group of assets, or even down to the viewer-level.

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Three Steps to Online Video Presentation Nirvana

Create video presentations in minutes. First, select the plan that suits your needs. Sign-in and your ready to start.

STEP ONE:  Drag one or many videos, PowerPoints, or PDFs into the "Start Something New" box.
STEP TWO:  Add video or audio narration.
STEP THREE:  Publish and measure success.

Ready to get started?  Take the first step and choose a plan.

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Knovio helps you work smarter, not harder on your video presentations

Quizzes: The easy way to test and track viewer comprehension

Create and add quizzes to online presentations to test comprehension, improve retention, and even make the content more engaging.

Review quiz results to see who passes or fails
Assess content performance and see what needs improvement
Present certifications based on test results

Manage your video presentations online with guestbooks and registration pages. and see individual viewing activity and behavior.

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Showcases: The video game changer

Dynamically share video and video presentations with branded showcases.  It's simple and fast:

Choose your videos and online presentations
Customize showcase name and branding
Organize content using tags and categories
Share using custom links or through social media
Control viewing access using guestbook, guest lists, and passwords
Track viewer engagement and analyze content performance

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Go beyond the slide deck.
Create video presentations with Knovio.

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