Boost Viewer Engagement
During Your Next Live Event

Easily produce live events and deliver them to thousands of viewers with Knovio's simple workflows and advanced features.

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Live events In minutes!

Knovio turns your live events into engaging multimedia experiences, with synchronized slides, NeverLate™ navigation, chapterized pause-and-review, real-time zoom control, and advanced viewer-level analytics.

Pre-show registration pages allow you to generate leads and understand who exactly is tuning in for your event. Have an important stream you'd like to keep private? Restrict access solely to credentialed users within your organization.

When the show's over, extend the life of the event and instantly convert the project into an on-demand video with the same interactive player features as the live stream.

Live Webcasting with Knovio Live
Always be on time to your live webcast with NeverLate

Always on time

Don't miss a second of the action with NeverLate™ and DVR controls.

Late arrivals are inevitable during a live webcast. Meetings run overtime, and people just simply get sidetracked. NeverLate™ is here to solve that.

NeverLate™ navigation gives late arrivals the option to join the live event in progress, or jump back to the beginning. All while the webcast is still running live.

Pause-and-review offers DVR-like flexibility, while keeping the live event fully in sync. Jump back 15 seconds if you need to re-hear a point, or go back to any point in the event using the play bar or dynamic chapter navigation.

Video + slides: always in sync

You do not need to be a video production expert to create and run a Knovio Live event. All it takes is a computer, and a story to tell!

Synchronize your live video with slides, animated PowerPoint decks, PDFs, images, and live web pages. If you notice a typo or slide error during the live event, don't sweat it. Hot-swap slides during the show to make last-second changes, and the viewers will have no idea.

Adjust the relative slide and video size throughout the event to change emphasis or highlight specific details with real-time zoom control.

Watch Set-Up in 60 Seconds >>>

Brainshark Alternative - Live Streaming
Customizable templates for Live Webcasting

Engage from the start

Boost viewer engagement during your next live event with dynamic, interactive video players.

Customize the player template with speaker profiles, dynamic footnotes, and both thumbnail and text chapter navigation.

Accept and pass along questions to the speaker during the live program, and point to downloadable handouts for the viewer to reference.

And all of this is viewable from any desktop or mobile browser, with no additional software or plug-ins needed.

Create New Revenue Streams

Increase your R.O.I. on live events and webcasts with easy-to-manage paywall services. 

The InPlayer paywall solution provides Knovio users with a fast, efficient, and effective way to charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to access a single live event or a full collection of content.

Event organizers have a fast, affordable and easy option to monetize content during and after an event, generate new revenue streams and expand the market reach of their events.

Learn More About Video Paywalls >>>

Monetize content with a Video Paywall

Feature-Rich Viewing Experience

Sync live video and slides during your next live webcast

Multimedia Webcasting

Produce live webcasts right from your desktop. Sync live video with slides and add, update or change slides in real-time too.


Always On Time

NeverLate™ means your viewers can attend full events even if they are late.  Pause and rewind live presentations.


Guest Registration

Share your live event publicly or privately. Capture guest registrations and track engagement with analytics.

Extend the life of your live webcast with on-demand viewing

On-Demand Playback

Extend the life of your event with immediate on-demand playback.  Track registrations and viewer engagement.


Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive, multi-bitrate streaming through a global video network ensures smooth viewing experience at all times.


Custom Experience

The flexibility of smart players lets you easily add footnotes, chapters, and calls to action to the viewing experience.


Real-time Q & A

Collect attendee questions and respond in real-time.  There's never a need for extra software to interact with viewers.


Analytics & Insight

Powerful analytics give you true insight into viewer activity and engagement for live and on-demand viewing activity.

The possibilities are endless with Knovio Live.

Conferences and Events


Global Company Meetings


Major Company Announcements


News Conferences


Investor and Analyst Relations


Remote, Global-Scale Training

Brands using Knovio

Get better results from your next live event.

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