Turn your iPad or iPhone into
a multimedia powerhouse with
a powerful video presentation app.

Mobile Video Presentation app

Create and share your story from
the palm of your hand

With Knovio Mobile, you have the power to create and publish video and online presentations the moment an idea hits you. Use your mobile device’s built-in camera & microphone to turn static PowerPoint slides and photos from your camera roll into a personalized, information-rich content experience.  Share them privately or publicly to pitch ideas, explain concepts, champion causes, or sell products.  You're limited only by your creativity and imagination. And it's all for free! Download the Video Presentation App from iTunes today.

Add Your Personality

Bring your mobile presentations alive with personal video or audio commentary. Tell your story like never before.

Uploads Made Easy

Integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and iOS photos allows for seamless file upload.

Get it Right

Go back and revise your presentation until it is just right using Knovio's unique re-record capabilities.

View it Anywhere

And when it's ready, share through email and direct to social media. Viewable from any device!

Frequently Asked Questions

On what devices can I create Knovio presentations?

Knovio Mobile is currently available on the Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, running iOS 7 or higher.

What is the cost of Knovio Mobile?

The Knovio Mobile app is free to download and offers 3 presentations of up to 7 minutes each. These limits can be raised through in-app purchases, or eliminated with a Knovio subscription.

Can I access my mobile content from the web?

Your mobile login also gives you access to Knovio Web, which allows you to create and edit presentations from any desktop browser with a similar user interface. Log into your Personal account and you’ll see all of your Knovio Mobile presentations right there.

How do I upload a presentation into Knovio Mobile?

You can open a PowerPoint file in Knovio using your Mail app, or various cloud storage apps like Dropbox. Detailed instructions are provided for each of the most popular cloud storage apps. Just click the “+” button in your Library screen, and you’ll see these instructions.

Download Knovio Mobile