Get Knovio Lite
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Use this limited edition to personalize online presentations and share video with classmates, colleagues and more: 
  • Create and share up to 3 videos or multimedia presentations up to 7 minutes long;
  • Record video with your slides or narrate them;
  • Add a little more storage*;
  • Enjoy basic Knovio features; upgrade any time.

*Purchase one hour more of storage with one-time upgrade for $9.95. Available for free accounts only.

All Knovio Users Can

Create online presentations and share video

Record video or audio narration with slides, or just upload and share video. Create flip decks from presentations and customize video players.

Use showcases to share video collections

Create a branded video showcase without a speck of coding.  Group Knovios into specific categories for easy viewing.

Control who watches your presentations & video

Sometimes you only want certain people to watch your presentations. Quickly add a registration page with or without a  password so you're always in control.

See who's watching and engaging with content

Take a deeper into video and presentation metrics. You'll find actionable insights to improve your content and your viewer engagement and know who's watching where and when.

Publish multimedia presentations with ease

There's no limit to your creativity when it comes to images, video clips or even knowledge assessments.  Add them to your presentation and remember to include chapter navigation too.

Easily scale plans to do more with video & presentations

It's easy to scale the Knovio platform with a paid subscription, custom proposal and enterprise-level add-ons including single sign-on, livecasting, paywalls, and more storage & viewing time.