How to Organize
an Instant Video Collection
with Knovio

Set up and Manage a Video Showcase

Imagine being able to spin up, in minutes, a branded mini-website containing a collection of videos and other smart media, complete with its own internet address.  Then imagine that you can register and track anyone who comes to watch that collection, and even control who has access to it.  As the collection grows, imagine you can organize it with pull-down menus and let visitors search the collection.  And imagine you can edit and adjust each showcase as often as you’d like.

That’s what’s possible with Knovio Showcases, a standard feature available to all Knovio users.

This guide provides you with step-by-step directions for building and managing a Knovio showcase, and realizing the power of instant smart media collections.

You will learn how to:

  1. Create and name a video showcase
  2. Select the Knovios you'd like to include
  3. Brand the showcase with your own look and feel
  4. Add menus to your showcase
  5. Add a guestbook and access controls
  6. Share it with the world