10 Powerful Resources to Make Your Online Presentations & Video Better

Free video and presentation resources

You’ve created your presentation or flip-deck video. The content is highly informative. But, you still feel like it’s missing something.

A better layout? Music? Animations? Any of these elements can impact the viewer experience and whether or not they really connect with the incredible content you’ve created.

After all, viewer engagement is ultimately one of the top goals you should focus on when creating content.

So to help you create the best viewing experience, we put together a list of 10 great resources you can use to move your videos and presentations to the next level!

Sony Professional

Get started on shooting video with Sony Professional

You know you want to start shooting professional video, but don’t know where to start. Knowing that this is quite a common scenario, Sony Professional is here to help. They offer multiple packages depending on your proposed use to help you get started and become a video rockstar.


Bring your presentations templates to the next level with Slidebean

Ditch the PowerPoint templates and check out Slidebean. Their pitchdeck templates allow you to spend more time focusing on your content, and less with design. Pick from a wide variety of colors, designs, and icons to create a beautiful scenery for your viewer.

Ted Blog

TED details their 10 tips for creating engaging presentations

No matter how powerful the content your presenting is, the design and flow of your slides can make or break a presentation. You hope the viewer is able to still take away the message, but all they can focus on is the color contrast and messy animations. Read what TED Staff says are their 10 tips for creating the most powerful slide decks.


MOZ details a few ways to make your presentation engaging, but not distracting.

You don’t have to be the Vincent Van Gogh of designing your slide decks. As much as we want to have most engaging layouts possible, sometimes it’s just not feasible. MOZ details a few very simple ways to make sure your presentations are not distracting the audience and taking away from your message.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements provides unlimited, fully customizable PowerPoint templates.

Enough with the tips, it’s time to get started on actually making your slide decks. Envato Elements provides you with unlimited PowerPoint templates to use that are full customizable with images, icons, and animations.


Use Canva to create stunning visuals for your content

Supporting visuals are one of the most important aspects of your presentation. It’s one thing to tell somebody a message, but it’s even more powerful to show them. Canva provides you with a simple interface to create visual designs and infographics for your presentations, as well as blogs, social media, posters, and much more.

Presenter Media

Make your presentations more interactive with PresenterMedia

If you’re looking for a little more interaction from the slide layouts themselves, Presenter Media is for you. They offer countless animated PowerPoint templates and customizable graphics to make your content that much more engaging with your viewer.

TIP: Animations are like sweets. They’re great in small doses, but you can cause yourself (and your viewers) to get sick if you have too many. Don’t go overboard and include animations on every single slide, only in a few spots you feel it’s the most effective.

Slide Team

Make your presentations awesome with Slide Team

Whether you are in HR, training, marketing, or any other department, Slide Team’s simple to use platform is designed to help you present your best work. Easily search the kind of presentation you plan on creating (marketing, HR, etc.) and they have a vast array of slides and complete decks that will help make your presentation awesome.


Free Video Resources

Once you have completed the design and layouts of all your slides and supporting images, it’s time to think about the underscore. Filmora’s blog post details 17 different sources where you can download royalty-free tracks of all kinds. A great background music track to play alongside your video or presentation can truly engage your viewer and give them an emotional attachment to the content.

Free Stock Music

Help your message resonate better with Free Stock Music's background tracks

Looking for music specifically for your PowerPoint? Free Stock Music has you covered. They offer background music of all genres to fit whatever message you are trying to get across.

Video is the most effective way to deliver your story.  Make a positive, lasting impression with your viewers by incorporating some of the concepts and tips from these resources into your next presentation, flip deck, or video.

P.S. Looking to spruce up your video selfies? Check out these 3 great tools to make professional video selfies for under $100.

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