Free Knovio! Why We’re Giving Away Our Most Valuable Features

Iceberg floating on clear water

Knovio is a lot like an iceberg: most of the really powerful stuff lies beneath the surface.

Until now, that is.

From the day the Knovio online video platform was created, we committed ourselves to a free version of the product.  And, following conventional wisdom, we held a lot of the most robust features back, making them available only to people who bought a subscription.

To be sure, more than 240,000 people have experienced and appreciated the free basic features of Knovio, which is great.  But as in the case of the proverbial iceberg, most free Knovio users have no idea of the power that lies just below the surface of this video platform.

So we’ve decided to stand conventional wisdom on its head.  Starting today, we’re turning on just about every one of Knovio’s advanced features for nearly a quarter million free users, so everyone can experience the full capability of the smarter online video platform.

Effective immediately, Knovio Free users can now:

  • Upload video for streaming through a state-of-the-art, global, multi-bitrate network
  • Record video or audio narration, turning dull presentations into multimedia experiences
  • Create and share instant presentation “flip decks”
  • Choose from over a dozen different player design layouts
  • Add chapters, footnotes, attachments, and question forms
  • Test viewer comprehension with quizzes
  • Add follow-along transcripts and closed captions
  • Gate video content with guestbooks and passwords
  • Measure viewership with a patented engagement scoring system
  • Post to learning management systems via SCORM or LTI standards
  • Build attractive showcases and microsites from video content
  • Engage guest presenters in the creative process, even if they don’t have a Knovio account


To be sure, there are limits to the Knovio Free account.  Only three videos can be active at a time in a free account, and they’re limited to 10 minutes each.  But the whole idea here is to encourage everyone to fully explore Knovio without cost or risk, and to get a subscription only when and if Knovio’s going to be used in a serious way.

And whether you’re a business professional, an educator, or a student, there’s an affordable plan that lets you keep the features and raise the limits.

As unconventional as it is, unleashing the complete Knovio feature set for free users is an exciting step for us.  We can’t wait to see what nearly a quarter-million users will do with the smarter online video platform!

So what are you waiting for, get started today!

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