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Video Presentation Maker - Record

Video + Slides = More Engagement

The challenge today is making training engaging and effective. Video alone can miss key points, and slides alone can miss the story. Now it's easy to combine the two with The Knovio Video Learning Suite.

Create synchronized multimedia content in minutes with pre-recorded video from your Brightcove VideoCloud and a slide deck.

Or, start from scratch and add video or voice-over narration to animated PowerPoints, PDF slide decks, or image collections.

Perfect for employee on-boarding, continuing education, customer training, on-demand compliance, certification courses, and any other application that uses presentation-based learning.

Custom Players Make The Experience

Using standalone video or static slide decks can often lead to information overload. That's not the case with multimedia presentations.

Create a truly engaging multimedia experience for your viewers with speaker bios, video-clips, and assessment tools.

Thumbnail and text-based chapter navigation makes it easy to review key materials. Searchable transcripts and closed captioning allow anyone to follow along with ease.

Dynamic footnotes and downloadable handouts supplement learning for viewers who'd like to explore the content even more deeply after the presentation is over.

Knovio branded multimedia video player.
Brainshark Alternative - Create Video Portals

Training Programs Available Anywhere

Give your viewers the flexibility of when and where they learn with consistent, easy-to-navigate video training portals.

Add video, online presentations, and flip decks to your training programs. Search bar and multi-level menus allow for simple organization and easy finding for viewers.

Collect and track viewer information using registration pages, and control content access for private viewing.

Completed content can even be embedded into Brightcove Galleries, an LMS, or exported to Brightcove VideoCloud.

Measure Knowledge Retention

Understand the success of your online video learning programs and test knowledge retention throughout the presentation.

Embed multi-section quizzes and assessments within the video program, along with in-session feedback. Quizzes are scored and tracked, and completion certificates are issued to successful viewers.

SCORM and LTI integrations easily connect content to most enterprise and academic learning managements systems.

Gain insights into knowledge retention and individual engagement activities, down to what content is downloaded and how many times a presentation is viewed.

Track all of your analytics including; viewing time, engagement score, bounce rate, and more with Knovio's video analytics software.

Create Multimedia Content

Jumpstart your learning programs with video and slides. Sync pre-recorded video, or add webcam video or audio narration.

Custom Viewing Experience

Create an interactive, engaging experience with simple navigation, supplemental learning, and easy review features.

Collaborate With Experts

Engage subject matter experts in the creative process and invite them to record a presentation in minutes.


Organize Training Programs

Offer global training programs with branded microsites to organize all presentations, videos, & other supporting learning material.


Quizzing and Assesments

Track knowledge retention with embedded quizzes. Issue completion certificates, and send data directly to your LMS.


Analytics and Reporting

Understand performance and engagement with each training program, specific lesson, or unique viewer. LMS integration.

Supercharge your online training programs

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