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The Next Best Thing to Being There

Just because the keynotes and sessions are finished, it doesn't mean your live conference or event is over.

The Knovio Conference & Event Suite for Brightcove is designed to turn your live conference and events into interactive, on-demand content.

Sync recorded video of keynote presentations and breakout sessions to their animated slide decks in minutes. Then organize them into branded event microsites with multi-level categories for easy sharing and viewing.

With Knovio, everyone can experience your live event, even if they couldn't make it live.

The Event Must Go On

Producing conferences and events can be expensive. With Knovio, you can easily re-purpose event sessions for on-demand content and get a better return on investment.

Use branded event showcases before the conference even starts to promote the event and sponsored speakers. Control access to the event using guest lists, and integrate live streaming for a virtual live conference experience.

Then when the shows over, upload every video and video presentation in your searchable, multi-level branded microsite for on-demand viewing.

Secure your content with a password, or share with a registration page to collect new leads, and monetize for a better return on investment.

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Monetize content with a Video Paywall

Create New Revenue Streams

Increase your R.O.I. on live conferences and events with easy-to-manage paywall services.

The InPlayer paywall solution provides Knovio users with a fast, efficient, and effective way to charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to access a single video or collection of content.

Event organizers have a fast, affordable and easy option to monetize content during and after an event, generate new revenue streams and expand the market reach of their events.

Learn More About Video Paywalls >>>

Understand Engagement & Performance

Measuring your full event R.O.I. just got a lot easier.

Understand engagement and performance with the pre and post-show experience using deep dive analytics.

Analyze overall showcase performance and see which presentations are the most popular. Share these reports with colleagues, or schedule to send to your inbox on a weekly basis.

Keep tabs on viewer activity with detailed analytics reports and know which videos are being watched, for how long, and all the engagement activity.

Video analytics software to view performance from the account down to the viewer-level

Capture Your Event

Turn your live keynotes and breakout sessions into on-demand, interactive multimedia presentations and videos.


On-Demand Content

Curate and organize videos, presentations, and PDFs into a categorized microsite for monetized, on-demand viewing.


Guest Registration

Share your event publicly with custom links. Generate new leads and track video engagement with analytics.


Private Access

Control access to your content to selected users using guest lists. Track each individual viewer's activity and behavior.


Analytics and Insight

Gain true insights into online event success. Track and measure showcase performance, and viewer engagement with presentations.



Content monetization options allow you to see a longer R.O.I. and generate revenue after the conference/event has concluded.

See a better R.O.I. on your next conference or event

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