FAQs From Knovio’s Livecasting Premiere Webinar

With so many great questions coming in during our latest livecast: “5 Ways to Make Video and Video Presentations Your Strategic Weapon”, we didn’t have nearly enough time to answer them all live.

So, we put together this quick video to cover the rest of your questions about livecasting, guest lists, showcases, analytics, and more!

See below for some of the top questions answered during the livecast, plus a few we never got a chance to answer!

P.S. Miss the livecast? View it on-demand here.

Q: What size audience can Knovio Live serve?

A: We’re architecting Knovio Live in anticipation of serving thousands to tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers. Possibly even hundreds of thousands. We are in the stage of the development process of doing scale testing at those different benchmarks so we can confidently tell you how many concurrent viewers you can reliably expect to be able to watch.

So, the fundamental architecture of Knovio Live is designed to scale out to huge audiences, but will also work just as well for smaller viewer audiences, as well.

Q: What happens if I only want to do a one-off livecast with Knovio? What are the options available?

A: We have an option available for users who don’t do many livecasts. Maybe you have a big annual conference, or  town meeting. Just contact your account representative to talk about single event options. We can send a team member out to help you get going, or just talk you through it.

Q: How do I create and share videos internally using the Knovio solution?

A: Creating can be as easy as just uploading a video or PowerPoint to publish right away. Or, you can dive a little deeper and record audio/video to go with your Powerpoint or PDF. On the more professional end, you can take video files that you’ve recorded and synchronize those with slides to create a fully interactive multimedia presentation. So, there’s really a wide range of options available for you to create content (recording and uploading also available on mobile).

For sharing, because everything is cloud-hosted you can create both external and internal facing content.

If you’re focused on sharing to solely your internal audience, you can embed the videos into your current systems you have in place (CMS, LMS, etc.). We also have security features like domain restrictions and IP-based restrictions to ensure the videos stay accessible only to your organization’s network. And lastly, you can use the guest list feature to restrict access to specific users, and create a log-in page to access the content.

Q: Can I use showcases as a private website or video portal?

A: Yes, in fact, that’s exactly one of the purposes that showcases were created for; a microsite with it’s own URL. I used the example of Museum of Science, which has it’s own custom link and is built out with custom branding and drop-down menus.

And using the guest book or guest list feature, you can make the page accessible to the public or a closed group of people. Just like a video.

Q: How are Knovio flip decks different from a SlideShare presentation?

A: That’s an interesting one. So SlideShare has been around for a while, but since it was acquired by LinkedIn, it really hasn’t changed a whole lot over the last few years.

And as a result of that– and in fact, they’ve taken away a lot of the analytic features that were associated with some premium versions of SlideShare. So with flip decks, which are essentially uploaded presentations that a viewer can flip through on their own, we’ve brought back a lot of the notions of being able to use Guestbooks to register people who are watching that content, the analytics to show exactly how engaged each viewer has been, et cetera.

In addition, we support a lot of things that SlideShare never supported, such as animated slides. So SlideShare traditionally has just been a way of displaying static slides.

For that reason, we have a growing number of conferences and event customers, who previously had used SlideShare for sharing the slide decks presented in breakout sessions, now using Knovio and Knovio’s flip deck capability to display and share those slides. The other thing I would mention is that Knovio flip decks can also live in Showcases alongside videos and narrated presentations, so that Showcases really can embrace and encompass all three of those different media types.

Q: How do I use analytics with Guest Lists to understand engagement?

A: When you go to the analytics for a Knovio with a guest book or a guest list, you will find a section with all of your individual viewers engagement. You can view Jane Doe’s video playback, slides viewed, engagement score, and more. And one of the nice features of Guest Lists is when you upload the users, you can include up to 10 more additional columns with ID number, job title, department, etc. So when you download the report, you can break out which departments, regions, etc. performed best with this piece of content.

Q: Can I add audience surveys to my live Knovio?

A: Not as a native survey application, but you can actually insert live web pages into a Knovio. In fact, we saw a customer recently use this on a live presentation of theirs. So rather than accompanying a slide next to your video, you can actually insert a live web page. We have used it with tools ranging from SurveyMonkey, to Qualtrics, to Key Survey. There’s lots of different tools that can fit in that window.

For on-demand/non-live content, you can also create ungraded quizzes with multiple choice and open response questions to achieve this. And, all of that data will be tracked and seen in your analytics.

Q: Would Knovio Live working using an open broadcaster software (OBS)?

A: OBS is another popular open-source alternative to Wirecast. This platform works with any encoder that can deliver a standard RTMP output. So when you do this configuration, we provide RTMP credentials that you plug into your encoder, and OBS, Wirecast, and others all support that. Any of those systems will be able to ingest the stream, transcode it, and send it through Knovio Live.

Q: If I don’t have a video production expert and want to use livecasting, how would I make that happen?

A: Right now in Knovio Live’s first stage, it has be set-up moreso for webcast producers, but one of the biggest updates we have on the roadmap is the ability to fire up your webcam or microphone right from your laptop and run a live event. This is something that everyone would be a able to do, and should be available in the near future.

Another alternative is taking advantage of our client services option. Our team will help you set-up and manage your event, either in-person or remotely.


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