Gain Better Insight Into Video Analytics With Knovio

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This guide provides you an overview of the analytics Knovio provides and how to use them to gain insight into your content and viewers.

You will learn how to:

  1. Create a guest book for your Knovio or showcase
  2. Add a guest list to manage access to your Knovio
  3. Use the email sharing feature in Knovio, including receipt notifications
  4. View and understand analytics for an individual Knovio
  5. View and understand analytics for a group of Knovios
  6. Share and schedule delivery of analytics dashboards and reports

Built into Knovio and available to everyone who has a Knovio paid subscription plan is a patented analytics suite that will help you answer these questions about Knovio-hosted video content at a detail never before possible on any platform.

Download eBook - "The Practical Guide to Video Analytics and Viewer Tracking"