Video Presentations

Video and Slides Side by Side: What’s the Big Deal?

Video and Slides side by side

Slide decks can be a lot like jelly. By itself is less than exciting, but when paired with something awesome like peanut butter or video, you have a delicious treat for yourself and your viewers! For years, PowerPoint decks have been the primary driver for delivering information to the learner. This worked well for a…

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4 Simple Steps to Publish Your First Video Presentation

I was in your shoes once. First time using Knovio, and trying to learn how to make a video presentation of my very own. It can be a little intimidating at first, I know. Heck, my first time was while interviewing for my job here at KnowledgeVision. So that just increased the intimidation X100. Once…

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Video-Based Learning: How We Can Change the Ways We Train

Change the way you train with video-based learning

  The rise of video has undoubtedly changed the way that all industries do their work. Marketing flyers are now Instagram videos. Company meetings are now broadcasted live globally. So, why does it feel like corporate training and on-boarding are still falling behind on this trend? Too often are organizations still using static Powerpoint slides,…

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The Quiet Power of the Online Presentation “Flip Deck”

Flip Decks are the fast and smart way to share and track your online presentations

As impressive as a video-narrated, chapterized, footnoted, and quiz-enhanced online presentation can be, sometimes you don’t have even the short amount of time it takes to assemble such a multimedia wonder in Knovio.  Or maybe you’re shy and don’t feel comfortable adding video or audio narration to your presentation. We get that. That’s why we…

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5 Key Takeaways From TMN’s Knowledge Hosting Webinar

Knowledge hosting is the future and it's exactly what you need to start being smarter with your video and content.

Knowledge Hosting is a new and exciting platform approach to integrating rapid creation, hosting, organizing, collaborating, and measurement of new rich media. This was the central focus of our latest webinar, Beyond Video: Why Every Learning Organization Needs a “Knowledge Hosting” Strategy. Our CEO and Founder Michael Kolowich discussed these new ways to think about organizational…

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5 Things Made Possible with Online Presentations

5 things made possible with online presentations

PowerPoint presentations are part of everyday business life. Can’t live with them, and can’t live without them. Aside from the challenge of moving PowerPoint beyond plain old bullets and text (and there’s usually lots of text!), what if you could add content that makes them more interactive? These days, your customers, partners and clients want to…

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What’s the big deal about online presentations?

You already know how to plan and execute your online programs. You start with a slide deck, add learning objectives, introduce yourself to your viewers and methodically move through your deck. You hit all the salient points – often with a list of bullets, or an image here and there. You finish with a summary page and…

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Ennui: Utter weariness from uninteresting, online presentations

Boring or Engaging? Let’s face it, presentations these days are either really boring or really engaging. And who wants to be boring? If you’re challenged to create engaging, online presentations, then you could be suffering from ENNUI – suffering from utter weariness from boring content. One way not to be boring is to be more interactive! According…

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Five Reasons Video and Online Presentations Make Sense

I’m often asked, why use an online presentation platform if I already have a way to create content?  Because not all content creation tools enable creators to easily add video, interactive content, and quizzes which are essential to engaging content.  And, not all online presentation and content creation tools give you the power to track…

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