4 Knovio updates to personalize your online presentations

One thing that many professionals have come to find about online learning is that due to the nature of our audiences, it is constantly evolving. This means people are constantly looking for new ways to present their content in a way that will capture the attention of viewers. Knovio has been listening to users, using…

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Coming Soon to Knovio: Web RTC Recording!

We’re excited to announce the upcoming general availability of our new WebRTC Recording capability on Monday, June 24, 2019. With this update, you will no longer need Adobe Flash (or any other plugin) to record video and audio from your webcam or microphone in Knovio. IMPORTANT: This update may require your IT department to update…

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Knovio: The Solution For Every Department

Every company wants an organizational solution that’s able to help multiple departments to better reach their goals. Unfortunately, a lot of solutions available are built in a way that will only make it relevant to a specific team. As Knovio continues to add more and more functionality based on user input and market trends, it’s…

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