Ten Indispensable Features Every Video Platform Needs

We all use video, because video moves people. It’s no secret that we are wired to respond to and remember memorable images.  Visuals, video and storytelling help us make the most impact on our viewers.  And, they are the perfect complement to training programs, product launches, and corporate communications or as a stand-alone communications medium. …

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FAQs From Knovio’s Livecasting Premiere Webinar

With so many great questions coming in during our latest livecast: “5 Ways to Make Video and Video Presentations Your Strategic Weapon”, we didn’t have nearly enough time to answer them all live. So, we put together this quick video to cover the rest of your questions about livecasting, guest lists, showcases, analytics, and more!…

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3 Simple Steps to Publish Your First Video

Publish your first video in just minutes

Learning how to host video online can feel like a headache at times. As a marketer who’s constantly creating and uploading new videos online, I’m always looking for the most efficient route to go from upload to shared product. Through my time, I’ve developed a simple 3 step process to bring my .mp4 file to…

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4 Simple Steps to Publish Your First Video Presentation

I was in your shoes once. First time using Knovio, and trying to learn how to make a video presentation of my very own. It can be a little intimidating at first, I know. Heck, my first time was while interviewing for my job here at KnowledgeVision. So that just increased the intimidation X100. Once…

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Guest Lists: The Smarter Way to Securely Share Videos

Guest Lists: Smarter Secure Sharing of Videos

We all know the best ways to share our videos publicly. Website embedding, social media sharing, emailing custom links. Today’s video landscapes makes this process feel like a walk in the park. But what about when you need to share a video securely within your organization? That walk in the park can now feel like…

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Video-Based Learning: How We Can Change the Ways We Train

Change the way you train with video-based learning

  The rise of video has undoubtedly changed the way that all industries do their work. Marketing flyers are now Instagram videos. Company meetings are now broadcasted live globally. So, why does it feel like corporate training and on-boarding are still falling behind on this trend? Too often are organizations still using static Powerpoint slides,…

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4 Powerful Ways to Use Video for Business

In today's digital landscape, there are so many different ways to use video.

vid·e·o – “the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.” according to Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia.   But is that all there is to video? There’s so many different ways to use video for business, and even the term itself can mean so many different things to all of us. If you asked me 5…

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Empower Your Teams with Curated Video Showcases

One of the easiest ways to share your content– and empower your teams and customers with knowledge – is to use showcases! They’re a terrific way to quickly organize specific video and let your audiences flip through different types of content at their own pace.  Added bonus – you can easily track what is watched and…

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8 Ways Your Organization Could Start Using Video Smarter

Video is the now and the future of almost everything we do. Marketing, internal communications, even journalism is catching up with the times. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, but are you using it to the best of your ability? After talking to many people at Content Marketing World, it was clear that the majority of people…

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How to Create Professional Video Selfies for Under $100

Create professional video selfies for under $100

It seems everyone is creating, sharing, and posting video selfies. So why is it that when you go to create a video selfie it’s more cringeworthy than noteworthy? In fact, most people struggle with making video selfies look good. Challenges include; slow bandwidth speeds, poor lighting, low quality of most built-in webcams, and distance from…

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