Essential Findings From
CMI's B2B Content Marketing Report

After reading CMI's B2B Enterprise Content Marketing Report, we couldn't help but notice a few trends about video.

88% of B2B Enterprise Marketers
Using Content Marketing

It is clear that content marketing is a key focus for companies and that it is here to stay.  The big question is - are you ready to repurpose and reuse it throughout your content strategy?

B2B Content Marketing is at an all-time high
B2B Content Marketing tactics placing a large focus on video

Most Popular Content Marketing Tactics Used Among B2B Enterprise Marketers

We couldn't help but notice that 3 of the top 10 trending tactics among B2B enterprise marketers include some form of video.  Video? Check. Webinars? Got it. Online presentations.  Absolutely.  Do you have a platform that helps you make the most of all of these tactics?

Organizational Goals for B2B Enterprise Content Marketing for Next 12 Months

Moving forward, it's clear that content marketer's biggest goals are to build awareness and engage readers/viewers through their content. This process is made simple with the Knovio Online Video Platform.

B2B Content Marketing largest goals moving forward