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KnowledgeVision Launches the Knovio AutoNarrate Feature for Online Presentations

AutoNarrate virtually eliminates searching for voice-over talent and time-consuming scheduling to help content creators deliver narrated presentations in multiple languages in seconds. Lincoln, Massachusetts, October 18, 2018 — KnowledgeVision Systems, a leader in smart media and online video presentation technology, today announced a powerful new platform feature that enables Knovio’s corporate and enterprise account customers…

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KnowledgeVision recognized as a champion in 2018 Video Solutions for Corporate Learning by Wainhouse Research

BOSTON, September 10, 2018 — KnowledgeVision, a leading corporate learning video platform, today announced that it has been named a “Champion” by Wainhouse Research in its 2018 Video Solutions for Corporate Learning report. KnowledgeVision was recognized for the innovative approach the Knovio platform takes for live streaming, video and slide sync and its ability to capture and share expert-authored…

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KnowledgeVision Adds Paywall, Monetization Options to Knovio Platform

Partners with InPlayer to Provide Secure Payment Solutions for Video and Video Presentation Content LINCOLN, MASS. (PRWEB) JULY 24, 2018 – KnowledgeVision Systems, a leader in smart media and online video presentation technology, today announced a partnership with InPlayer, a leading provider of paywall services, that will enable Knovio’s corporate and enterprise account customers to…

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Three Techniques to Get Your Learners to Watch More

Nowadays, trainers and corporate communications professionals have to think and act like marketers to drive engagement with their content. It’s not enough to create great content or training programs. You need to know how to get it discovered, read/watched/viewed, and then how to measure and track success. In other words, you need to write like…

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Knovio Enhances Brightcove for Multimedia Livecasting, Corporate Learning, and Conference/Event Applications

Three new add-on packages from KnowledgeVision bring market-leading functionality to Brightcove’s enterprise customers Boston, Massachusetts, May 21, 2018 — KnowledgeVision Systems, a leader in smart media and online presentation technology, today announced three new add-on options for Brightcove’s VideoCloud, elevating Brightcove’s capability to serve the live multimedia webcasting, corporate learning, and conference/event markets. Knovio’s Brightcove…

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Ten Indispensable Features Every Video Platform Needs

We all use video, because video moves people. It’s no secret that we are wired to respond to and remember memorable images.  Visuals, video and storytelling help us make the most impact on our viewers.  And, they are the perfect complement to training programs, product launches, and corporate communications or as a stand-alone communications medium. …

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Empower Your Teams with Curated Video Showcases

One of the easiest ways to share your content– and empower your teams and customers with knowledge – is to use showcases! They’re a terrific way to quickly organize specific video and let your audiences flip through different types of content at their own pace.  Added bonus – you can easily track what is watched and…

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How to Create Professional Video Selfies for Under $100

Create professional video selfies for under $100

It seems everyone is creating, sharing, and posting video selfies. So why is it that when you go to create a video selfie it’s more cringeworthy than noteworthy? In fact, most people struggle with making video selfies look good. Challenges include; slow bandwidth speeds, poor lighting, low quality of most built-in webcams, and distance from…

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5 Things Made Possible with Online Presentations

5 things made possible with online presentations

PowerPoint presentations are part of everyday business life. Can’t live with them, and can’t live without them. Aside from the challenge of moving PowerPoint beyond plain old bullets and text (and there’s usually lots of text!), what if you could add content that makes them more interactive? These days, your customers, partners and clients want to…

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