4 Knovio updates to personalize your online presentations


One thing that many professionals have come to find about online learning is that due to the nature of our audiences, it is constantly evolving. This means people are constantly looking for new ways to present their content in a way that will capture the attention of viewers. Knovio has been listening to users, using this as inspiration for our latest feature updates.

Speaker Profiles


Personalization is one thing that Knovio has always strived to provide to users and this latest upgrade is no exception. Speaker profiles can be used to show the audience who they are listening to during both live events as well as their on-demand counterparts.

  • Provide an image and background overview of your speakers to give audience members an idea of who they're listening to.
  • Save speaker profiles to save time on future events that use the same presenters and knowledge experts.
  • These are visible on the Knovio preview as well as any template you have added them to

Trint Transcripts


Through our new integration with Trint, you can easily create a transcript to accompany a presentation and help your audience better follow along.

  • Our partnership with Trint allows you access to their services for a severely discounted rate and lets you use the audio from presentations in your Knovio library.
  • Upload an audio or video file and in a matter of minutes you will have access to a full transcript to accompany your presentations
  • This transcript will enable viewers to follow along with the audio as the presentation plays leading to more engaging viewers and a higher level of knowledge retention.
  • Select which presentations you'd like to add transcripts to or simply add it to all of them, there are no limits to this service.

Updated Showcases

Personalized learning portals have been an aspect of learning that has not only continued to grow in the past years but has become an expectation for many viewers. Knovio Showcases allow users to create a branded and personalized portal in a matter of minutes.

  • Categories, subcategories, and the ability to search by title allow your audience to easily find the relevant content they need.
  • Viewers can track their progress, favorite specific presentations, and even be alerted when new material is added.
  • Gain insight into viewer analytics, and control access to specific content using password-protected guestbooks or paywalls.

Improved Video Editing


With our newest updates in video editing, you're able to upload, edit, and share video content all from the Knovio platform.

  • Trim video's in a matter of seconds, removing any unnecessary time at the beginning, end, or even the middle of your content
  • After editing your video, rearrange different parts or add other content to create a truly unique experience for viewers
  • All this can be done without exporting your content into a video editing software, once it's complete, share it instantly!


With Knovio continuing to work with clients and watch where online learning is headed in the future, more and more improvements will continue to be added; if you and your team haven't had the opportunity to take a look at Knovio recently, you may find it can be used in ways you have never imagined. Feel free to let me know if you would like to connect to discuss what other professionals are doing with Knovio or to discuss any specific use case you may have!

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