multimedia Sharing Your Knovio with the World

You’ve finished recording a brilliant Knovio presentation.  You’ve made great slides, figured out just the right way to articulate your idea.  You’ve given a brilliant, high-energy performance to your narration.  And you’ve pressed PUBLISH.

Now what?

If you’ve got a high-traffic website, or lots of Twitter or LinkedIn followers or a ton of Facebook friends, you’re on your way: you can use Knovio’s embed codes and social sharing options to get the word out.

But if you don’t have those channels (and even if you have), you’re a bit stuck.  Now, there’s an answer:

Present-It-ScreenShot-May2016The idea for came to me when I was looking at a lot of the great presentations that are being created on Knovio that deserve a lot more attention than they’re being given.  Despite the fact that the internet is a very busy place, it’s not always easy for a brilliant idea to be spontaneously discovered.

So we decided to do something about it: was born, and we launched it just a few days ago. is an online home for multimedia presentations — the kinds of audio- and video-narrated presentations that are made with Knovio and other KnowledgeVision tools like KVStudio. is designed to be an interesting destination in its own right: you’ll find all kinds of intriguing presentations just by browsing the “Featured” section, where we select some of the most interesting content that’s recently been published.  But just as importantly, exposes Knovios instantly to all the major internet search engines, making them more easily discoverable in web search results.  It also makes it easier to share presentations that you’ve discovered, and to show appreciation by giving high ratings to the best content.

Just in its infancy at this writing, will continue to grow and evolve as a medium.  I hope that every Knovio user will consider publishing their best content into, and that they’ll continue contributing to a robust and energetic community of ideas.

The Change-Up: Cool Presentation Tactics to Keep Students Engaged

Educators are no doubt familiar with the struggle to catch, and keep, the attention of students, no matter what the age group is. There are a lot of presentation tools and websites to help you perk up your presentation, and the attention of your audience.

One tactic comes from what pitchers in baseball call “the change-up”: Throwing the ball at different speeds enables the pitcher to keep batters off-balance, and on high alert.  Applying this concept to your presentations can work in your favor in the classroom, too — not to mention when you bring your teaching online.

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Balancing Show and Tell in Online Presentations

As you begin to create a presentation, whether it’s a live presentation, slide presentation or an on-demand multimedia presentation like a Knovio, it’s important to start by considering the audience. We all know that what you say is as important as how you say it. Let’s flip that perspective to our audience: What they learn is as important as how they learn it. Read more

Five Tips for Injecting Personality into your Knovio

At the heart of every great presentation is a skilled presenter. Great presenters are storytellers. And because audiences need more than slides, they tell stories with powerful interpersonal communication tools, like gestures, posture, and facial expressions. Great presenters know we’re wired for body language.

But in the digital age we have fewer opportunities to connect with our audiences on a personal level. We increasingly use online presentations, webinars, and meeting tools, which often fail to capture the body language and personality of the speaker.

The result? They fall flat, failing to take full advantage of the power of personality and storytelling that a good presenter offers to a live audience.

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Exactly what IS an Online Presentation?

Ask ten business professionals what an online presentation is, and you may well get ten different answers. That’s because online presentations have exploding into the online world with an exciting variety of tools and techniques, one of which is Knovio.

An online presentation is a type of content that brings the traditional business presentation (typically Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF deck) to an anytime, anywhere environment online. Online presentations can take several different forms. In many online presentations, slides are just the start. You can add audio or video, web pages, photos or images, video clips, forms, links, documents, transcripts, and social media feeds into a single interactive presentation viewer. Read more