Feature Log


Knovio Web is constantly being updated and upgraded with new features, capabilities, and fixes.  In fact, on average there is a new release every two weeks.

Here is a log of all the new features of Knovio Web 2.0 since its debut in May, 2015.  Come back often to see what’s new in Knovio Web.

January 2017

  • Knovio Suite introduced: additional workflows, tools, showcases, invitations, and dashboards, and analytics for advanced creators of multimedia content.
  • Paid Knovio subscribers can now access a personalized billing portal to obtain billing history and invoices.

December 2016

  • Speaker notes may now be displayed as footnotes in templates that support them (Knovio Pro, Gold, and Student Edition).
  • Improved status reporting for video uploads.
  • Deployed Spanish-language version of Knovio.com website and learning videos.

November 2016

  • Knovio users may now add tags to their presentations, to help organize their library.
  • Knovio menu bar reorganized
  • Presentations are not re-rendered after editing presentation name
  • Uploaded video clips are now rendered up to 720p (for Knovio Pro) or 1080p (for Knovio Gold)
  • Layout of presentation stats page optimized for iPad and iPhone display

October 2016

  • Knovio is now LTI (Learning Tools Interactive) compliant; Knovio Campus now fully integrated with Jenzabar eLearning and Internet Campus Solution
  • Comprehensive presentation dashboard now available to all Knovio users
  • Full-color versions of standard player templates released for Knovio Pro/Gold/Student Edition subscribers.

September 2016

  • Detailed graphical presentation dashboard is now shown by clicking the “My Stats” link.
  • Increased number of characters (to 8,192) that can be used to embed a web object in a Web Page slide.
  • Improved handling of 16:9 slides when a presentation is re-loaded from the DRAFTS folder.
  • Improved persistence of selected presentation template (eliminates occasional reversion to default template under some circumstances).
  • Improved handling of DRAFT presentations; draft presentations can now be deleted.
  • Changing password in SETTINGS screen now logs out the user

August 2016

  • Monthly reports sent via email to all active users; show recent activity, presentation views, account status, updates on new features, and hints on using Knovio better.
  • Knovio Student Edition introduced — reduced price for students; Student Edition Player template set as default for Student Edition accounts.

July 2016

  • Assets such as past presentation slide decks, video clips, and quizzes can now be organized into folders for easy management.
  • “Upgrade” and “Refer” buttons now appear in the Knovio menu bar whenever appropriate.

June 2016

  • “Send Email” option has now been added to the Share page; send and track emailed presentations.  Embeds clickable PLAY button in the email.
  • Users sharing with email may choose to get an email “receipt” when the recipient views the presentation.
  • For Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold subscribers, email receipts incorporate detailed tracking information, including when and how long the presentation was watched, and an engagement score.
  • For Knovio Gold subscribers, email receipts also incorporate quiz results.
  • Knovio Gold subscribers may now create “ungraded” quiz questions and incorporate them into a presentation.  This includes open-ended response questions.  The tracking report has been enhanced to show individual quiz responses, as well as the aggregate score.
  • Video export resolution now varies by tier: SD (360p) for Knovio Lite; HD (720p) for Knovio Pro; HD (1080p) for Knovio Gold.
  • Coaching tips displayed over library screen for brand-new users.

May 2016

  • Present-It.com launched, where any Knovio can be published to be discovered by search engines and the general public.  Knovio Lite is included for all registered Present-It.com users.  Users can now post their presentations to Present-It.com from the Knovio Library Share page, and Knovio users are given the option to Post to Present-It.com when publishing a presentation.
  • Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold referral program launched; referral codes available to all paid subscribers (Settings | Account Details); “Give a Month, Get a Month” program announced and rolled out.  View Knovio Referral Program Details.
  • Knovio now offers a set of practice slides, embedded within the application, that new users can load to learn about the Knovio content creation process.
  • A welcome video is now shown to all new Knovio users.
  • Thumbnail representing a presentation may now be selected from any slide in the presentation deck (previously defaulted to first slide).

April 2016

  • Knovio Mobile now offers video narration recording on the iPhone (hold iPhone in landscape mode to enable video recording).
  • “Webpage slides” introduced for Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold users: insert live web pages within your presentation flow.  These can be either narrated or silent (paused).
  • Presentations may now be auto-looped via a setting in the Enhance app (available to Knovio Pro and Gold subscribers).
  • Viewers may now be automatically directed to a URL after watching a presentation (available for Knovio Pro and Gold subscribers).
  • Guestbook viewer registration forms may now include custom fields and drop-down menus (available for Knovio Gold subscribers).
  • Email address and user role are now confirmed, in order to reduce typographical errors on sign-up that can lead to problems signing in later.

March 2016

  • New Knovio player design templates released (for use by Knovio Pro, Knovio Gold, Knovio Campus, and Knovio Team subscribers); all standard templates updated and enhanced.
  • Player design template gallery created at www.knovio.com/template-gallery.
  • It is now easier to discover how to upgrade and cancel subscription accounts via Upgrade button in menu bar and Settings | Account Details menu choice.

February 2016

  • Thumbnail links now added to embed code options.
  • After publishing a presentation, Knovio users are given a choice to Enhance, Share, or return to Library.
  • By default, Knovio Pro users publish to the “Diva” player design template, which enables thumbnail and list-based chapter navigation.
  • Corporate and enterprise users may now set presentations so they may be viewed only from certain IP addresses (for example, to restrict viewing to in-company only).
  • New users and upgraders receive a new onboarding series by email to help them learn Knovio or Knovio Pro.

January 2016

  • More embed code options available on Share page: standard, iframe, full page; ability to set dimensions for embedded presentations.
  • New WordPress plug-in released (KnowledgeVision-Knovio Embed); WordPress embedding (via shortcode) added to Knovio Share page.
  • Side-to-slide transitions are now smoother, due to new pre-loading and buffering approach during playback.
  • PowerPoint animation effects are now rendered and visible in video exports, iPhone playback, and videos posted to YouTube. (Knovio Pro and Gold)
  • Corrected error in which spacebar was sometimes disabled when editing speaker notes in Knovio.
  • “Knovio Pro with KnowledgeChecks” is now named “Knovio Gold”
  • All premium plan options are now visible when signing up and upgrading.
  • Direct upgrade button now displayed in Library to all Knovio Lite users.
  • During sign-ups, educators and students may now register as “K-12” or “College or University”, which will help us tailor future feature sets and offerings to the distinct needs of these segments.

December 2015

  • Knovio Web and Knovio Mobile are now interoperable: you can now edit Knovio Mobile presentations in Knovio Web, and vice-versa.
  • Account settings details page introduced for viewing current plan and accomplishing basic account functions: update credit card information, upgrade/downgrade paid account (change plan).
  • New player design templates are now available (Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold)
  • Improved control of player design template attributes (Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold)
  • Color picker for player design templates (Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold)
  • Save player design templates, along with attributes such as logo, as “Favorites” (Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold)
  • Easier browsing of quizzes created with the Ask app (Knovio Gold only)
  • Better error reporting for video export.

November 2015

October 2015

  • Uploading files to Knovio can now be accomplished with drag-and-drop
  • Knovio Web users can override the automatic video recording quality settings
  • Knovio users can now post Knovio videos directly to their YouTube accounts
  • Knovio users can now select which camera or microphone is being used, in both the Record Screen and in the System Check.
  • Any scheduled system downtime is now shown in a notification window.
  • Letterboxing of imported video clips has now been improved when matching video clips with different aspect ratios.
  • Knovio troubleshooting links have now been updated.

September 2015

  • Knovio now checks available bandwidth for the user’s internet connection, and issues a notification if bandwidth is below recommended limits.
  • Knovio video recording quality is automatically set based on available bandwidth in the internet connection.
  • Improved the way in which Knovio users can select slides that were previously uploaded and stored in folders.
  • Knovio Pro users can now add media (video) clips into a presentation without associated slides (video clips play full-frame when there is no slide associated with them).  (This is a Knovio Pro feature – see www.knovio.com/pro to upgrade.)
  • Knovio Pro users can add a slide image to a media clip that doesn’t already have a slide.
  • Knovio users can now add PDF files as slides to their presentation.

August 2015

  • Knovio Pro released, with access to Enhance app for changing player design templates, adding footnotes and attachments, controlling zoom levels, and displaying clickable chapter titles.
  • Knovio Pro set to allow unlimited number and length of presentations.
  • Knovio Pro set to support slide animations.
  • Knovio Pro with KnowledgeChecks released (later re-named to Knovio Gold), with access to the Ask app, which enables the creation of multi-part quizzes, guestbooks. user-level tracking, and completion certificates and insertion into Knovio presentations.  (View upgrade plans for Knovio Gold.)
  • Knovio now notifies users of the free version that they are reaching their account limits (typically 5 presentations, 7 minutes in length).
  • Knovio Pro and Knovio Gold users upgraded so that video exports can be made at 1080p resolution, rather than 720p.
  • Users trying to open Knovio in Chrome browser “Incognito” mode are warned that Knovio cannot work in this mode.

July 2015

  • Knovio users can now create a high-definition MP4 video file from their Knovio, and download it so they can share it elsewhere.
  • Knovio Web users can now replace a slide in their presentation with a different slide.
  • Corporate users of Knovio can now insert quiz slides produced with the KnowledgeVision Ask app (this has since been offered to Knovio users as an upgrade to Knovio Pro with KnowledgeChecks, most recently renamed to Knovio Gold).
  • Numerous user interface improvements have been made to all Knovio screens.
  • Inconsistencies in loading Knovio Web in Internet Explorer 9 have been corrected.
  • Knovio now logs out of an account after password is changed.

June 2015

  • Knovio Web 2.0 Public Beta ends; all Knovio recording switches to Knovio Web 2.0.
  • Image files (e.g. JPG and PNG files) can now be included in Knovio presentations; interface allows for selecting and loading a group of images.
  • Knovio users can now clone a presentation, either with or without media.  This enables users to make one base presentation, and then record many customized variants, just by creating a duplicate and changing the recording for one or more slides.
  • Keyboard shortcuts implemented: spacebar for start/pause, arrow keys and ENTER/RETURN to advance slides.
  • Tips are displayed while slides are being processed.
  • Knovio Web System Check now checks firewall settings to ensure that presentations can be viewed as well as recorded.
  • Knovio is now tested across all supported web browsers (Internet Explorer 9/10/11; Firefox Windows/Mac; Chrome Windows/Mac; Safari Mac.
  • Appropriate messages displayed during System Check when Knovio Web is opened on iPhone, iPad, Android, browsers without Flash enabled, and Internet Explorer 8 and below.
  • System Check now shown when editing Knovio presentations, not just when creating a new one.
  • Numerous improvements in System Check functionality, based on beta tester feedback.
  • Added notification when drafts of presentations are auto-saved to the DRAFTS folder.
  • Smoother playback when multiple video segments are recorded in a Knovio.
  • Improvements to recording check portion of System Check.
  • Knovio presentation pre-loader set to animated Knovio logo.
  • Numerous user interface design improvements.

May 2015

  • Knovio Web 2.0 beta testing begins, with introduction of:
    • System Check to ensure that the computer, browser, and network are “Knovio-ready”
    • A radically improved user interface, based on the award-winning interface for Knovio Mobile
    • Drag-and-drop editing of slide order
    • Speaker notes displayed below webcam
    • Auto-save presentations as DRAFTS
    • Complete integration into the KnowledgeVision / KVCentral system
    • Scalable web recording system set to support unlimited simultaneous recording sessions