Go Ahead, Share Your Passion

Create and record video and interactive learning experiences wherever you are.


Flip the Classroom

Be present for every lecture even when you’re not with highly interactive, video-led teaching experiences. Quickly record and share lectures and research insights, teaching notes, and class instructions. Measure outcomes and see a 360° view into student engagement and activity. Involve students and assign them to record and present assignments, group projects, lab reports, and research.

Measure Learning Retention

Embedded quizzes measure retention and provide actionable insight into student and content performance. View engagement scores and slide-level details.

Interactive Players

The best learning experience starts with customizable players. Add chapter navigation, searchable transcripts, video clips, and downloadable materials.

Organize Content

Curate video and presentations in attractive media showcases. Securely share links with students, faculty, and others and then track activity.


Express Yourself

Add your personality and passion to your next assignment using video and interactive features.

Record your assignments and share them with students, team members, and professors. View and engage with classroom content from any device. Rehearse and perfect presentations before the big day and create engaging multimedia experiences for job applications, internships, and more.

Mobile Everywhere

Works across all devices. View and share video over social networks, on blogs, and by email. Start a project on your iPad and finish from your laptop.

Fast, Easy and Fun

Record using your webcam, iPhone, iPad or other device. Learn in minutes, create in seconds. Revise as often as you’d like, till you get it right.

Interactive Presentations

Easily add video clips, webpages, images and more to your presentations. Use animations and video clips to make it interesting.


Multimedia Publishing Tools

Empower your campus community to communicate, collaborate, and engage – with each other and to outside constituencies like alumni, prospective students, and distance learners with video. Knovio Campus offers unlimited content creation and storage, advanced interactive features, and campus-wide administrative tools.

Easy to learn & support

A simple user interface and plentiful video tutorials makes Knovio easy to learn and apply to the entire range of applications. Entirely cloud-based, Knovio does not require extensive IT support

Fits right in

As an LTI-compliant application, Knovio Campus is compatible with leading eLearning platforms, including Canvas, Blackboard, Jenzabar eLearning, and more. Creates SCORM-compliant content, too.

Dozens of applications

Knovio is contagious, and you’ll soon be seeing multimedia content pop up all over campus, from academic units to departments like admissions, advancement, and marketing communications.

Bring Your Classroom to the Next Level