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Real Estate Presentation Primer: How to Connect with Buyers

Even if you’re a seasoned pro in the industry, it can be a good idea to take a metaphorical step back and take stock of your approach. Do you need to update your methods or contacts? Are your presentations as effective as they could be?

We’ve put together a brief checklist of things to consider while reviewing your presentations to sellers.

  •    Personalize it. Of course you know that personality goes a long way. Personalizing each listing can take a little more time than using the same presentation over and over, but it can pay off. The more sincerity and unique knowledge you can convey, the better. Rather than use generic market reports, get familiar with the surrounding locations and what other homes have sold for in the area.
  •    Pivot your viewpoint. Step into your sellers’, and potential sellers’, shoes when creating your presentation. This helps with the tone, pacing, and length of your content. Have they sold a home before? Are they short on time? Do they tend to ask a lot of questions?
  •    Professionalize it. If you’ve been using the same software or online tools since Day 1, it’s time to shop around for something more modern. A simple PowerPoint may have sufficed a few years ago, but when you update to a presentation tool like Knovio Pro you can personalize, customize, practice, edit, and share your presentations with ease.

Our free 14-day trial gives you the chance to see if Knovio Pro is the right tool for you and your business. With voiceover and video, Knovio enables you to highlight your strengths to sellers and potential buyers, too.