MediaPlatform Knovio

Knovio and MediaPlatform: Empowering the Enterprise with Video Presentations

Knovio fits seamlessly within MediaPlatform’s PrimeTime environment, allowing users to create video slideshows without leaving MediaPlatform.

Multimedia presentations are an efficient and engaging way for employees to share what they know with their colleagues. When an instant video content creation tool like Knovio is combined with MediaPlatform’s PrimeTime “enterprise YouTube”, a company can offer anytime / anywhere access to the knowledge everyone in the organization needs to do their job more effectively.  Now, anyone in the company can create video content — quickly and easily.

MediaPlatform Knovio employs a simple five-step process:

  1. Sign on to your MediaPlatform account and choose “Knovio”.
  2. Upload a PowerPoint, PDF, images, and/or media clips into Knovio.
  3. Narrate your presentation with video or audio; edit till you’re satisfied
  5. Share your completed presentation video on PrimeTime throughout the organization or with the world!

Knovio is now offered as an add-on tool to all MediaPlatform enterprise video accounts.  When an enterprise opts to add Knovio to its MediaPlatform installation, every MediaPlatform user in the organization can create presentation-based video content with a special version of Knovio.

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