Knovio Campus

Knovio Campus: Empowering Colleges and Universities with Multimedia Presentation Tools

education, technology and internet concept - two smiling students with tablet pc and notebooks at schoolThe world of colleges and universities is a universe of ideas, very often presented as a combination of words, personality, and pictures.  From lectures to lab reports to project synopses to research read-outs, Knovio is already a tool used by tens of thousands of students and educators around the world to create, share, and manage video- and audio-narrated presentations that inform, teach, and explain. It’s also found applications behind the scenes on college campuses, in student orientation, staff onboarding and training, and constituent communications.

Knovio Campus is Born!

JenzabarLogoNow, the creators of Knovio, in partnership with Jenzabar Inc., a leading provider of software and systems in the higher education marketplace, have created a new way for colleges and universities to put the power of Knovio Pro in the hands of every student, faculty member, and staff professional on campus at a low price based on student population.  It’s called Knovio Campus, and it’s designed to be simple to buy and simple to deploy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Any institution with an .edu email domain signs up for a campus-wide installation of Knovio Campus at a low price based on the published full-time-equivalent student population.  This is done through our partner, Jenzabar.
  • Anyone who registers with an email address with that institution’s .edu domain will be automatically upgraded to Knovio Pro, which delivers many power features not available in other versions of Knovio.
  • Knovio Campus can be used by all students, faculty, and staff who use Knovio through the Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution (JICS), or through an email address tied to the .edu domain of a Knovio Campus customer.
  • The KnowledgeVision team designs a custom player template with school colors, logo, and branding to be used with every Knovio published from the Knovio Campus users’ accounts.
  • Knovios can be created, shared, and managed from desktop browsers, mobile tablets, and smart phones.
  • Published Knovios can be viewed from any browser, as Knovio delivers a consistent viewer experience across all devices.

Tight Integration with Jenzabar Solutions

Knovio Campus features a tight integration with the Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution (JICS) and Jenzabar’s eLearning platform. While not required to deploy Knovio Campus, Jenzabar’s environment makes it even easier for students, faculty, and staff to find and use the Knovio tools, provides unified sign-in capability, and allows Knovio-based material (such as flipped classroom lectures and teaching notes) to be assigned as integral components of a course curriculum.

Here are some of the things you can do with the integrated Jenzabar/Knovio Campus solution:

  • A JICS administrator can instantly make Knovio available to everyone on campus, through the JICS menu system. No separate accounts are required to give unlimited access to the entire institution.
  • Knovio can be installed as a learning tool in Jenzabar eLearning, making it available for any educator to create on-demand presentation-based content quickly and easily.
  • Within Jenzabar eLearning, educators can assign students to view Knovio-based presentation material, with viewing records posted back into the eLearning grade book.
  • Educators can assign students to create Knovio presentations and submit them via links back to the eLearning system.

In short, the Jenzabar-Knovio solution places the power of multimedia presentation creation instantly into the hands of every educator, student, and staff member with access to JICS, without creating or managing individual accounts.

Contact us or your Jenzabar representative for more information about how to empower your campus with Knovio!


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