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Student Presentations: Pick an Issue – Any Issue – and Pitch it!

There are countless social and political issues being debated and discussed around this time of year.

If you’re a teacher (especially of junior high and high school-aged students), this might be a terrific opportunity to teach your class public speaking skills, debate techniques, and/or presentation strategies. And, more importantly, to have them practice these skills and see for themselves how they come across.

While you may be hesitant to bring actual politics into the classroom, there’s no shortage of social issues to focus on. Students in their pre-teen and teenage years can be especially passionate about what’s happening around them, and their communities. Unfortunately, they may not have the confidence to speak out, or know what vehicle to use to talk about their issues.

Have your students select a topic, then introduce them to the basic (free) version of Knovio. Creating online presentations with Knovio Web or Knovio Mobile, is simple, quick, and fun. Start by having them create outlines with pertinent points and transitions, and then use slides and videos to add to their audio commentary. Do they flub a line or start to giggle mid-sentence? With Knovio, it’s no problem to back up and fix mistakes. In fact, bloopers can be some of the most fun when creating presentations with students.

Once the class completes their presentations, you can share and track them online. Using online presentation tools like Knovio can help students feel more at ease when speaking to a group, organize their thoughts for the best flow and delivery, and realize that they can influence the world around them.