Frequently Asked Questions about Knovio

This FAQ page covers general questions about Knovio.  For specific questions about how to access presentations made before April 14, 2014 on the old Knovio Beta system, please click to Knovio Migration FAQ’s.


What is Knovio ?

Knovio® is an innovative tool for turning PowerPoint® slides into rich video presentations with just a web browser and webcam or with a mobile app on the Apple ipad. With Knovio, you can take static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime from just about any device and shared with others through email and social media. Knovio was developed by KnowledgeVision, the leader in online presentation technology and tools.

What can I do with Knovio ?

With Knovio you can take your existing PowerPoint slides and quickly and easily add your own video to synchronize with the slide content.  You can then share this new presentation out to your intended audience by email or social media.  This can be extremely powerful in sales presentations to prospects, internal communications to your team members or business partners, explanations of complex topics, or any other time you find yourself wanting to communicate with more than PowerPoint  slides.

What technology does Knovio use ?

Knovio’s is built on the technology platform of KnowledgeVision, the leader in online presentation technology and tools. While Knovio is a simple, personal tool, it employs the same robust technologies under-the-hood as KnowledgeVision’s more sophisticated tools for professional content creators such as KVStudio.
In other words, don’t let Knovio’s simplicity deceive you — behind that simple interface is the most advanced online presentation technology available!

Creating Knovio Presentations

On what hardware can I create Knovio presentations ?

Knovio is currently available on two types of platforms: a.) on a Flash-equipped desktop computer (both Windows and Mac); or b.) on the Apple iPad, running IOS 7 or higher.

What kinds of presentations work with Knovio ?

Knovio can be used with any Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt or pptx) presentation file.  The desktop version can also work with a folder of JPEG or PNG images.

Most presentation programs other than Microsoft PowerPoint offer a function to export your presentation slides to either PowerPoint or a series of still images, which may then be used with Knovio Web.

Knovio currently does not support animations in slides or special transitions between slides.

How do I get presentation into Knovio ?

On the desktop, simply click the “Upload Slides” button on the first Knovio screen.  Then you can either select a PowerPoint file from your hard disk, or choose a folder of JPEG or PNG images.

On Knovio Mobile, it works a bit differently because of limitations of the iPad’s file system.  Since the iPad does not itself have a file storage system, you can’t simply open a file from a directory like you might expect on a desktop app. However, it’s easy to use your Mail app or various cloud storage apps like Box and Dropbox to open a PowerPoint file in Knovio.
Detailed instructions are provided for each of the most popular cloud storage apps. Just click the “+” button in your Library screen, and you’ll see these instructions.

Can I use Microsoft’s PowerPoint for iPad app to create presentations for Knovio ?

Yes, you can! Microsoft does not, however, provide a way to directly store PowerPoint files in a way that apps like Knovio can easily access them.
The easiest way to get a PowerPoint for iPad presentation into Knovio is to click the “Share” icon in PowerPoint for iPad, email the presentation to yourself, and then go into the Mail app to open the presentation file in Knovio. We expect to work with Microsoft to make a more direct path to Knovio in the near future!

Do I have to use the camera ?

Not at all.  If you prefer to simply narrate your presentations using just your iPad microphone, you may do so by switching the camera off.  The switch is located right under the camera preview window on the Record screen.

Does Knovio support animations in presentations ?

Knovio does not currently support animations in presentations.  Each slide is represented by its “end state” — that is, what it looks like after all the animations are finished.

To make a presentation that gradually “builds” by adding graphic or text elements on a slide, you can make each stage a separate slide in PowerPoint.

To make presentations that use all the animation effects that PowerPoint offers, you may be interested in KVStudio, KnowledgeVision’s advanced online presentation creation product.

Sharing Knovio Presentations

How can I get a link to my finished Knovio ?

In the Library screen on Knovio, select a presentation, and then click on the Share link (next to each presentation on Knovio Web, and near the top-right corner of the app on Knovio Mobile). Click Copy, and the link will be on your clipboard, ready to paste anywhere you’d like. Share also gives you other options send your presentation via email and to post your presentation to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

On what devices can people view Knovio presentations ?

Presentations created with Knovio Web can be viewed in any Flash-equipped browser.

Presentations created with Knovio Mobile can be viewed on any desktop or mobile browser EXCEPT on the Apple iPhone.  Support of the iPhone will be coming soon.

Can I share and manage my Knovio presentations from a desktop or mobile device other than an iPad ?

Your Knovio presentation library can be browsed and worked with on a web application called KVCentral.  You may log in to KVCentral at http://my.kvcentral.com.

Once you’ve logged in, you may view and share your Knovio presentations, and even check statistics about how many times they’ve been viewed.

More Info about Knovio

What does Knovio Mobile cost ?

Currently Knovio is being offered free to any individual who wants to create and share video presentations with others.  The free version of Knovio Mobile is limited to five active presentations of up to 10 minutes each.

Will Knovio always be free ?

We hope to always offer a free version of Knovio so that individuals can experience the power of video presentations. In the future, we anticipate offering a premium version of Knovio that will require a paid monthly subscription to unlock more features.

What if I run out of presentations or run over the time limit for my presentation ?

If you run out of presentation “slots”, you may delete presentations to make room for new ones.  In the near future, KnowledgeVision will give you the option to increase the presentation allowance for your Knovio account, and to remove the time limit for your presentation. Stay tuned!

KnowledgeVision Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise accounts are not limited in the number of presentations they can create in Knovio.  Presentation allowances are set at the overall contract level.

What’s the relationship between Knovio and KnowledgeVision ?

Knovio is a simple tool for creating online presentations that is powered by KnowledgeVision, the leader in online presentation technology and tools.  Knovio is a complement to KVStudio, KnowledgeVision’s advanced online presentation creation product that is used by some of the largest organizations in the world to create, share, and track video content.

When you sign up for Knovio, you automatically get a KnowledgeVision Personal Edition account that uses the same credentials.  This makes it possible for you to view and share your presentations on any desktop or mobile device.