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Learn from a Leader: Jon Stewart’s Dynamics

It was recently announced that Jon Stewart and HBO are partnering for a four-year production deal. Die-hard fans were sad to see him leave the Daily Show, so for them this was really good news.

There were a lot of elements hard at work that made the show so spectacularly popular, but one could argue that the most successful element was Jon Stewart himself. He was funny, but the issues on the show were very real and oftentimes, very serious. He was provocative, but not dismissive. It’s worth examining what made him such a dynamic commentator.

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Learn from a Leader Series: Steve Jobs

When it comes to corporate storytellers and the best keynote presentations, you can’t really get much better than Steve Jobs. But, the late figurehead of Apple didn’t get that way by accident. His dedication to practicing and rehearsing presentations is almost legendary. And it made for some pretty cool presentations.

As you create a presentation and prepare to deliver it, take note of some of Jobs’ tactics:

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