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Simple Questions for Presenters to Consider

“If all you want to do is create a file of facts and figures, then cancel the meeting and send in a report.”
-Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

When preparing, then reviewing, a presentation, pitch, or even an online tutorial, there are some questions you should ask yourself.

  1. How passionate do I feel about this topic?
    If you’re tasked with putting together a presentation at work about something you’re not super enthused about…fake it. Passion is contagious and it will get your audience to perk up and pay closer attention. It works.
  2. What am I offering?
    If it isn’t immediately evident, inspect your topic and ask what your position is on it: are you offering a different vantage point, or a unique insight? Try to pull out an angle that will elicit an “aha!” moment from your audience.
  3. How big is my audience? How big is the room?
    If you’re delivering a pitch from across the country, you may not have the advantage of knowing this beforehand. It’s an aspect of creating presentations that isn’t often considered. Take a look at the spacing and size of your visuals – pictures, graphs, animation, and font. If it’s too busy or small, you’re going to lose your audience’s attention.
  4. Is my delivery all that it can be?
    By itself, PowerPoint® is one-dimensional and linear. The beauty of online, multi-media presentation tools like Knovio Web, Knovio Pro, Knovio Campus and Knovio Mobile is that they truly turn what would otherwise be a rather static experience into on pitch with personality. By adding voice and audio commentary to your slides, you also add texture and life.

Student Presentations: Pick an Issue – Any Issue – and Pitch it!

There are countless social and political issues being debated and discussed around this time of year.

If you’re a teacher (especially of junior high and high school-aged students), this might be a terrific opportunity to teach your class public speaking skills, debate techniques, and/or presentation strategies. And, more importantly, to have them practice these skills and see for themselves how they come across.

While you may be hesitant to bring actual politics into the classroom, there’s no shortage of social issues to focus on. Students in their pre-teen and teenage years can be especially passionate about what’s happening around them, and their communities. Unfortunately, they may not have the confidence to speak out, or know what vehicle to use to talk about their issues.

Have your students select a topic, then introduce them to the basic (free) version of Knovio. Creating online presentations with Knovio Web or Knovio Mobile, is simple, quick, and fun. Start by having them create outlines with pertinent points and transitions, and then use slides and videos to add to their audio commentary. Do they flub a line or start to giggle mid-sentence? With Knovio, it’s no problem to back up and fix mistakes. In fact, bloopers can be some of the most fun when creating presentations with students.

Once the class completes their presentations, you can share and track them online. Using online presentation tools like Knovio can help students feel more at ease when speaking to a group, organize their thoughts for the best flow and delivery, and realize that they can influence the world around them.

Real Estate Presentation Primer: How to Connect with Buyers

Even if you’re a seasoned pro in the industry, it can be a good idea to take a metaphorical step back and take stock of your approach. Do you need to update your methods or contacts? Are your presentations as effective as they could be?

We’ve put together a brief checklist of things to consider while reviewing your presentations to sellers.

  •    Personalize it. Of course you know that personality goes a long way. Personalizing each listing can take a little more time than using the same presentation over and over, but it can pay off. The more sincerity and unique knowledge you can convey, the better. Rather than use generic market reports, get familiar with the surrounding locations and what other homes have sold for in the area.
  •    Pivot your viewpoint. Step into your sellers’, and potential sellers’, shoes when creating your presentation. This helps with the tone, pacing, and length of your content. Have they sold a home before? Are they short on time? Do they tend to ask a lot of questions?
  •    Professionalize it. If you’ve been using the same software or online tools since Day 1, it’s time to shop around for something more modern. A simple PowerPoint may have sufficed a few years ago, but when you update to a presentation tool like Knovio Pro you can personalize, customize, practice, edit, and share your presentations with ease.

Our free 14-day trial gives you the chance to see if Knovio Pro is the right tool for you and your business. With voiceover and video, Knovio enables you to highlight your strengths to sellers and potential buyers, too.

The Perks of Presentations

Today’s post is a salute to the residual benefits of making online presentations presentations. Whether you use online presentation tools for instructional purposes, or marketing or sales presentations, the skills you hone by composing and practicing your presentations can have a positive influence in other areas of your life.

  •    Build confidence – The better you become at organizing your thoughts, the more articulate you will become. This naturally leads to becoming more comfortable communicating with different audiences. As a bonus, it can help you in your written communications, where tone of voice can get lost and risk of misunderstanding is a bit higher.
  •    More relaxed social situations – People who speak well are also in a good position to make others feel at ease. That’s a win/win in both social and business-social settings.
  •    Better phone conversations – This is a benefit that’s often overlooked. Tone of voice certainly matters. Whether it’s a cold call to a potential client or a message for your manager, interpretation of your message is equally important as the way you convey it. Having an awareness of the fluctuations and impact of your tone leads to more effective communications.

Overall, refining your presentation skills can have trickle-down benefits into other areas of your life. What’s extra helpful about using the online presentation tools from Knovio is that you can replay and practice your presentations, and edit or correct mistakes as you go. You’ll be more organized, more effective, and as a result, more confident.

The Visual Résumé: How to Stand out from the Crowd

Of course, we all want to be engaging conversationalists and polished communicators, but for some, their careers depend on it. If you’re in marketing or real estate, how successful you are at selling – whether it’s an idea, product, or service – is often tantamount to how successful you are in your profession.

When you’re applying for a position in a marketing firm or on a real estate team, you’ll do yourself – and potential employers – a huge service by submitting a visual résumé. Certainly, employers can learn about your employment and education background on LinkedIn, but how you present (or sell) yourself and your work will remain a mystery unless they decide to interview you. If you’re applying for a position that requires relocation, they may request a preliminary phone interview. That’s great! But a visual résumé that includes video of you is even greater, because it adds a depth and dimension that can get lost over the wire.

It’s always smart to read a job description and then tailor your résumé to show that your skills match their needs. A visual résumé is perfect for this. It also helps give potential employers a good sense of your personality, and how well you really know your industry.

With Knovio and Knovio Pro’s online presentation tools, you can add video to a set of slides that illustrate your experience and show your work in an interesting way.  Then, add footnotes and attachments (great for marketing portfolios) and easily correct any mistakes before you email it out.

And because they’re fast and easy to make (even from a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone), Knovio visual resumés can be customized to particular prospective employers and situations.

Best of luck!

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It was recently announced that Jon Stewart and HBO are partnering for a four-year production deal. Die-hard fans were sad to see him leave the Daily Show, so for them this was really good news.

There were a lot of elements hard at work that made the show so spectacularly popular, but one could argue that the most successful element was Jon Stewart himself. He was funny, but the issues on the show were very real and oftentimes, very serious. He was provocative, but not dismissive. It’s worth examining what made him such a dynamic commentator.

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